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As you know, I am a huge bookworm and have encouraged my kids to read too. Luckily, they both take after me and love reading, Leo in particular – he even reads and then hands off books to me that he thinks I might enjoy!


When Wonderbly got in touch about collaborating, I spent just a couple of minutes checking out the website before jumping at the chance. They create beautiful, personalised books for children, but I think the fact that these books promote self discovery, encourage self confidence and encompass learning are what really makes them stand out.

Where Are You Riley Gardner?

The first book I chose to review was this one, as I thought it would be perfect for Riley. He has had a bit of a tough time with his confidence lately and this book sends the message that you can be who and what you want to be – your potential is endless – and I love that.

The book has a variety of personalisable parts – obviously the name of the child can be changed, the character can be chosen to one that looks most like your little one and the message on the inside of the first page can be made personal.

Due to lockdown and the fact I am shielding, the boys have been staying with their Dad so Riley hasn’t seen his book yet, but I know he will love it. It is so beautifully made and the pictures and story are incredible. I have managed to find him on a couple of pages so far! I chose the larger size option and am really pleased I did as it makes finding the things a little easier. There is a second book in this series, Where Are You…? Journey Through Time which is another one Riley will love as he really enjoys history, so I will definitely be picking one of those up for his birthday.

Wonderbly has a range of personalised books available for children of all ages. This includes the Where Are You series, bedtime stories, birthday books and much more. I think they make perfect gifts for little ones, who will really enjoy seeing their own name printed on a book.

Father’s Day With Wonderbly

I wanted to get this review up now so you still have time to order before Father’s Day. The second book I was kindly gifted was a book for Little Lady to share with her Daddy and I know they are both going to love it. One of her favourite bedtime stories that she gets me to read every weekend is a book called Daddy Is My Hero, she is a total Daddy’s girl! This one has her name and the characters can be personalised to look like the child with their skin and hair colour as well as being able to choose the colour of the book. You can choose what the child calls their Dad and also select pages in the book that are most specific to your child and their Daddy which is fab.

I always enjoy giving gifts but I think being able to give Ste something personalised from the kids is especially important on a day like Father’s Day, as it is all about them and their relationship. This is perfect for him and Little Lady to share – she loves her bedtime stories and this one will mean so much for her and Ste to be able to read together. They have a couple of different books available for Father’s Day gifting, I chose this one as it seemed more suitable for Little Lady’s age and I think the other book would be perfect for older children and their Dad’s.

He has been banned from looking at this post so the surprise won’t be spoiled but I know he will love it and can’t wait to give it to him.This book also came in a couple of different options, you can choose hard or soft back for example. I went for hard back as it will be one we keep on the book shelf for ever.

Check out Father’s Day on Wonderbly

I have a ‘refer a friend’ code to share with you that will get you £10 off any book you purchase from Wonderbly – perfect to save a few pennies on Father’s Day or for a gift for a little one!

Either mention my name – Natalie Gardner – at check out or go to the website and make your purchase via this link

I am super impressed with this lovely company ad will definitely be shopping with them again. I hope you have enjoyed reading my review and if you decide to purchase, enjoy the money off! I hope you are all staying safe and taking care,

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