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So with one week to go before Father’s Day and with most of the country still in lockdown, there will be plenty of online shopping being done to get those all important cards and gifts ready for next Sunday.

When Moonpig got in touch and asked if I would like to work on a collaboration it was perfect timing. Personalised cards and gifts, all in one place, that can be delivered straight to the recipient’s door – perfect for lockdown, especially for those like me who are shielding and cannot go out.

I have used Moonpig for cards for a number of years, I love the fact that they can be personalised, not just with what is written on them, but also with your own photos. I also knew they did flowers and balloons but they have actually increased their range of gifts and there is a great selection on there now! As I am shielding, the option to get my Dad’s cards and gifts sent straight to his door was perfect for me. I also got a gift and a card for Ste that were delivered to me and come with a spare envelope, this way you can write in them if you want to as well. I have also downloaded the app recently, which makes ordering your cards and gifts even easier and you get 30% off the first order that you place on the app.

Celebrating During A Pandemic

So how are you celebrating next Sunday? For me personally, it is especially hard as I am shielding and I also have a broken ankle so cannot even do a socially distanced drop off to my Dad as I am unable to drive. I thought I would share a few ideas of how you could celebrate next week and still make it a special day. I would love to know if you have any other ideas, please pop them in the comments at the bottom of my post so we can all see them!

  • BREAKFAST IN BED – Whether you live with your Dad and can cook him breakfast, or you help your little ones make their Daddy a special breakfast, surprise him with a breakfast in bed
  • ZOOM CATCH UPS – we have been having a weekly family quiz night between my parent’s, two brothers and sister in law which has given us time to catch up and have a laugh. Zoom offer a 40 minute meeting for free but have extended this time limit during lockdown and it works really well for us. Maybe schedule a special family quiz or log in for a virtually social Sunday dinner. It won’t be quite the same as being in a restaurant as you will have to cook your own roast dinner, but you can all eat and chat together!
  • SOCIALLY DISTANCED PICNIC – If you are not having to shield like me, you can now go out and meet up with another household as long as you stick to the 2m rule. Meet up with your Dad and enjoy a picnic or a walk together – obviously this will depend on the weather but fingers crossed the sun will be back by then!
  • FAMILY TIME – Spend some time doing something a bit different as a family. One of our favourite shows to watch as a family is Lego Masters. Why not run your own mini Lego Masters competitions between Dad and the kids? Get the creative juices flowing and have some fun into the bargain!
  • MOVIE NIGHT – hand the movie choice over to Dad (if you dare) and grab a load of your favourite snacks. You could even bring down your duvets to the sofa to get super snuggly
  • PHOTO SESSION – You don’t need a fancy camera, but get some snaps of you and your Dad or your little ones and their Dad to mark the day. I know a few photographers are offering doorstep photo shoots too which are a lovely idea
  • TURN YOUR DINING ROOM INTO A RESTAURANT – This is a really lovely one to get your kids involved in. They love being able to help in the kitchen and then can be mini waiters, giving Dad a menu, taking his drinks order and serving his food – don’t forget a yummy pudding! Get dressed up too and go all out!
  • MAKE A SCRAPBOOK – You could do this before and give it as a gift, or do it together on Father’s Day. You may want to chronicle your time in lockdown or include some favourite photos and memories from over the years. Add messages and memories and decorate together.

I hope these ideas give you some inspiration on how to celebrate this Sunday and still make Dad feel special! As I said, if you have any more please pop them in the comments, I would love to know what you are planning to do.

The Moonpig crdering cut off dates are as follows –

Cards need to be ordered before 5pm on Thursday 18th (e-cards are available after this time)

Gifts should be ordered before 7pm on Friday 19th

Shop Father’s Day cards

Shop Father’s Day Gifts

I recommend ordering sooner rather than later, the post has sometimes been a little slower during lockdown. Remember if you are sending your card and gift straight to your Dad you can pop a little message telling them not to open till the big day so they don’t spoil the surprise before then.

I really hope all the Dad’s out there have a lovely day despite the circumstances next week, especially mine. He has been an absolute rock during locdown for me and Ste, doing our shopping and picking up things like our gas and electric.The gifts I have chosen for him, I got from Moonpig and I think they are perfect and he will really love them. I will be sure to share his reaction on my Instagram and let you know what I chose – I don’t want to spoil the surprise by telling you here. I hope you are all doing well, take care,


  1. I ordered a card and the toblerone last week and got it yesterday so i have it in time. Got to admit the cost of the chocolate is a bit steep as the same size in the supermarkets is less than half the cost but doesnt have the mention of the dad on it. It’s worth it though if it brings a smile to my dads face as hes been through a lot these last couple of weeks especially. x

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree but it is the personalisation that bumps it up. I think some of the other gifts are really good value so it is swings and roundabouts I suppose! I really hope he is doing ok and enjoys his treats x

      Liked by 2 people

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