Blog Tour Book Review – Lady P’s First Day

Hello and happy Saturday! I don’t normally post on the weekends but today I am a part of an exciting blog tour for a new children’s book and the timing couldn’t be more perfect!

In the next couple of weeks, Little Lady will be starting school and when I was offered a copy of this book I couldn’t turn it down.

Lady P’s First Day by Robert DeFinis 

The Blurb

Lady P and her older brother Robbie are in for a BIG surprise! School is CANCELED! How can this be? Lady P has waited her whole life to go to kindergarten and now it might not happen!

A child’s first day of school is a treasured memory. It symbolizes a new journey of learning, developing, and personal growth. With over 50 million children returning to school this fall, we know that things will be a little different in the new Coronavirus world we’ve had to adjust to. Lady P’s First Day introduces readers to a little girl that’s entering kindergarten. She’s waited so long for her moment to go to school, and now her time has come. However, things don’t exactly go to plan. Lady P soon comes to understand what school really means and how change isn’t always bad. Author Dr. Robert F. DeFinis writes a timely tale about the uncertainty of a new school year. This book is primarily written for early childhood readers, parents, and educators.

The Author


What We Thought

We have obviously had a bit of a bizarre year and lots of things have been different in the past few months. Little Lady is due to start school but the experience has already been different for her as she has not been able to have any visits or meet her teacher.

We read this book as her bedtime story and it was great. I changed a couple of things as I read – being American it refers to kindergarten so I changed it to reception and when it mentions the virus I called it ‘the germs’ as that is what she understands it as.

It was great to read with her and talk about her starting school and what will happen there. She is really excited and we talked about the excited butterflies in our tummy feeling, what she would wear and what she was looking forward to. She really enjoyed looking at the pictures which are bright and colourful. I think because she hasn’t been able to see her classroom yet, she isn’t sure what to expect, so we were able to discuss this.

If you have a little one who is starting school, this is the perfect book to help start a conversation and will help you identify any concerns or worries your little one might have, as well as chat about what they are excited for. Robert has written another great book which is also available on Amazon, all about the Coronavirus for kids – great to help them make sense of the current ‘new normal’.

Where To Buy

Lady P’s First Day is available on Amazon

I hope you enjoyed reading our review and that any parents of little ones starting school this month will find it useful! How are your kids feeling about returning to school after such a long break? Let me know in the comments below!

Take care and keep safe,

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