12 Of my favourite tik tokers

So 2020 definitely did not go as most if not all of us had planned! But one thing it did give us was Tik Tok! This platform has made me smile on my worst days and I have a number of amazing people I follow on there that I wanted to share with you.

For our mental health we are often told to make sure we are only following people that bring us joy on social media. With Tik Tok I have found this space – I can fall into a Tik Tok hole for 2 hours and just be laughing and smiling the whole time, going through my feed. If you are on there, this is a list of people who I think you should all follow and I hope they bring a smile to your face like they do mine!


My gorgeous friend Lisa always makes me smile when she shares her dances, duets and ostomy awareness posts on Tik Tok. I recently interviewed her for the blog and you can read that here.


This guy always makes me giggle with his series – Dumb Stuff From The Internet. He also posts about mental health and being inclusive which I love.


An absolute fantastic musician, during lockdown she started doing her renditions of songs interrupted by therealindiandad. They make me cry with laughing at times and have introduced the new phrase – shut the windows – for when I have had enough of life!


And now he has his own account! I love it when he does his agony aunt specials… hilarious!


Julie is a psychologist and has posted some amazing mental health content during lockdown. You may have seen her recently on other platforms and in the news as one of her videos went viral.


A great guy, doing his bit to raise awareness of ostomies. Some fantastic videos going up and he has a large audience so hopefully more and more learn about them.


I first followed Tova over on Instagram after reviewing her fantastic book. She posts hilarious, often parenting themed videos that always make me laugh!


Another person I followed from other social media platforms. This couple don’t live very far from me and they are both brilliant. Always puts a smile on my face after a tough day.


One half od a beautiful American couple. I love the stuff they share and hey babe – the walls about same sex parenting they are breaking down


A family favourite. Olive shares videos of her family and what happens when one of them calls dadosaur to come out. Basically their Dad turns into a dinosaur for 30 seconds and causes complete chaos! The mum yells, the kids laugh and the Dad tries to claim that he is not responsible. Brilliant fun and I am sure they will love these memories when they are older!


Gorgeous same sex couple from Scotland who aim to spread positivity and are also sharing about their journey to become parents. I also love Abbie’s Back To The 90’s posts – they bring back so many memories!


If you have followed me for a while you will know I have an eye condition than can cause blindness in some. It is honestly my very worst fear. I have recently followed Lucy, something I would have previously avoided due to my fear, but she is such a happy and positive person and it is really interesting to see how she manages with everyday things – like how does a blind girl pick up her dog’s poo?

If you are on there you can also follow me – thespooniemummy. Let me know if you do in the comments and I will follow you back! Also tell me who else you would recommend on there for me and everyone reading to check out. Take care and keep safe,

8 Comments on “12 Of my favourite tik tokers

  1. I watch TikTok but have never made a video or even an account. The videos on there do make me smile though.
    I keep seeing videos from cole_abbie and they are such a lovely couple.
    I’ll have to have a look at the other accounts you mentioned x


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