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So I am definitely back on the blogging bandwagon after a little break. With the announcement of the new lockdown and shielding starting again, I was not feeling myself at all last week! How is everyone else coping with it the second time around?

As you all know Leo had his birthday a couple of weeks ago and Moonpig kindly got in touch and asked if would like to find out more about their gifting service. Of course we said yes! We have worked with Moonpig before and I have been buying from them for years now. I didn’t realise they had such a wide range of gift ideas, I knew they did flowers and alcoholic gifts for adults, but they have absolutely loads of choices on the website and app.

They asked what Leo was into and I said football and Harry Potter and I was amazed and delighted by what they sent for him. He was super excited about all the presents and it made one very happy birthday boy!

The gifts were perfect for him and some of them were really unique! He loved the 100 Football Teams scratch off poster and had scratched off two of the teams by the end of the weekend as we watched the Liverpool v. Everton game!

The mahoosive chocolate bar also went down very well and he is slowly making his way through that!

Check out Moonpig’s gift ideas for every member of the family

Moonpig are famed for their cards and this is what I have been using them for years for. I used to live in Essex, nearly 3 hours from my family in Derby, so Moonpig was a great option for me to send birthday cards and make sure they got there in time – you can even add a little note on the envelope to say ‘Don’t Open Until…’ which is sweet! As we are now back in lockdown and I am having to shield again, I popped on the app a few days ago and ordered my brother’s birthday cards from me and the kids there. I can choose to get them sent straight to him which is a bonus, and means he will have them on his birthday without me having to break lockdown rules and deliver them! They have an amazing range of funny cards (I had to get him a Boris lockdown one) as well as ones which you can upload photos too etc. All the cards can be personalised with names, ages and the text inside which is great for when you are sending them straight to the recipient.

I also wanted to share about the Moonpig app with you as this is what I use to order my bits now as it is so much easier! I like that I can log in just once and then my prone can remember my password so I don’t have to as I am terrible with them! You can find out more about the app and links to download to both Android and Apple devices on the website.

This collaboration came at the perfect time for us as Moonpig is just so easy and brilliant, especially during lockdown when you aren’t able to get out as much and see people for special occasions. I have also just placed another order for Ste’s birthday cards and found a pressie on there I know he will love – although I can’t share at the moment incase he reads this!

I hope you find this post helpful during this uncertain time – knowing you can still send out a card and gift to your loved ones without having to go out certainly takes a weight off! With Christmas coming up as well, I think this will be really useful! Take care and keep safe everyone,

2 Comments on “Gifting With MoonPig

  1. Happy belated birthday to your son. Seems like he really enjoyed all the goodies. I have never heard of that company but will def check them out. I am from NYC and thankfully have been working from home since March. Its really crazy how Covid has affected the world. Keep safe!

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    • Thank you so much 💜 I am glad you are able to work safely from home. In the UK we are now back in another lockdown till at least the 2nd Dec but I can see it being extended to be honest x

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