The Spoonie Mummy Reviews – Hexbug MoBots Interactive Robot

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Happy Friday eve everybody, how are we all? Lockdown 2.0 ended yesterday but unfortunately I live in a tier 3 area so not much has changed here! Today I want to share about our new friend, who we were kindly sent to test out.

Meet Fetch, one of three collectible Mobots from HEXBUG. Fetch has loads of cool features including voice recording and changing technology and the ability to carry objects as heavy as a full drinks can!

We had great fun testing out all the features and recording our voices on him! Luna, our dog was also super interested in him, and enjoyed following him around while Leo used the remote control to make him move. We found the controls really easy to use and he had no trouble moving on our carpet and wooden floors. We didn’t get chance to try this at the weekend, but are planning to make an obstacle course to test him out on, which Leo is super excited about – I am definitely going to need to get some more driving practice in while he is at school this week!

Leo certainly enjoyed and found a good use for the fetch feature. While doing his homework on Sunday morning, Leo sent Fetch into me in the kitchen. As a treat I popped in a chocolate brussel sprout to take back to Leo. You can imagine – Fetch appeared quite a few more times that morning while he did his school work!

We had lots of fun with Fetch and the boys really enjoyed playing with him. He would make a great Christmas gift and you can check out more information and order him from the Bargain Max website.

Have you done any Christmas shopping yet? Are you finished? Let me know in the comments below! Take care and keep safe,

3 Comments on “The Spoonie Mummy Reviews – Hexbug MoBots Interactive Robot

  1. Oh wow, how funky is this! I kind of want to try one myself, even though I’d clearly just be sending a chocolate bar to myself every hour. Great review – Hope the boys continue to have fun with their new friend!

    Caz xx


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