Mistakes that New Parents Often Make

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Mistakes that New Parents Often Make

When you first become a parent, you are not given a handbook to explain everything that you should and should not be doing. Instead, your first experience of parenting can be akin to an adventure, where you need to discover what works best for your baby, your family, and yourself.

Considering that every child is different, even with the same genes and upbringing, this means you will need to continue to adapt to every situation. Due to this, there are often some common mistakes that people make. These are understandable, as you are trying to learn to successfully raise a little life, but can often be avoidable.

Not Saving

Many people know that having a baby can be expensive. Within this, some may forget about their savings along the way. These savings can go toward your future, events, or even goal purchases. Without them, you may find yourself with no extra money to play with, should the situation call for it. Using this website, you can find the best type of savings account to suit you and your needs – if you are planning on having a child then it’s best to start saving as soon as possible. Putting money aside doesn’t mean you are scrimping on the essentials for your child, but instead making conscious, smart choices to ensure no one needs to go without in the future.

Having savings alongside an emergency fund can also be a good idea, as this means that unexpected expenses can be taken care of without moving you further away from your goal.

Buying Everything

It can be incredibly tempting to buy all the baby products, toys, and accessories on offer, especially when they promise to make life easier and promote happiness. While it is nice for your baby to have an array of toys and belongings, some of these simply aren’t necessary. As long as you have the basic necessities, such as a cot, car seat, changing table, and a few toys, you can hold off on buying unessential items until further down the line.

Looking at it realistically, an infant is unlikely to play with the hundreds of toys they could potentially own and, by the time they are old enough to appreciate them, chances are that they will have outgrown those items, meaning the money spent on them was wasted.

“Me Time”

Being a parent may be one of your responsibilities and privileges now, but that isn’t all you are. You are still a person, and all people need a bit of time to themselves. Even spending a little bit of time indulging yourself each day can do wonders for your outlook and mental health. You might opt to have a relaxing bath, read a book, or catch up on your latest TV series. If there is someone who can watch your baby during this time, then you can potentially have it all to yourself. Otherwise, still take the time, but make sure you are on hand should your baby need you.

There is nothing selfish about limiting your purchases, putting money aside, and looking after your own wellbeing. By accomplishing these, you may find yourself parenting more effectively, which can be a boon to all involved.

I hope these tips are useful and give you a good base from which to get planning for a new arrival. I cast no judgement on anyone – despite being a nursery nurse and being involved with babies throughout my career, I still went crazy when I was pregnant with Leo, my first. However, by the time I had Riley, I knew what worked and what didn’t and had the added advantage of having saved some things from when Leo was little.

I thought this guest post hit the nail on the head with all it’s points so wanted to share it with you all!. I recently saw a video on YouTube from Elise Sheree, an Australian mum blogger, and she talked about what things she would recommend for babies. She has just had her third and has some great advice about not over-buying, guiding you through the things she really found most beneficial and useful. There is so much information out there these days and social media plays a huge part in parents thinking they need all the things, but really, getting a few select bits that will suit your baby and your lifestyle is much more important!

Would you be interested in me doing a little list of what I found most helpful when I had a newborn? Let me know in the comments below – also let me know what you found to be the most useful things you had! Take care and keep safe,

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  1. Thank you for sharing amazing post with us. I appreciate your research. It would really helpful for new parents who generally make mistakes. Now, by reading your post they will take care of these things and would not make mistakes.


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