Life Update – A Year In Lockdown

Well it has been a little while…

I do apologise for the radio silence! If you follow me on social media you will know I was still around, however my online life has had to take a step back for a number of reasons, as I will explain below. Today marks the one year anniversary of the UK going into it’s first lockdown. Back then I wouldn’t have believed this time, a year on, we would be in lockdown number 3! Things are beginning to look up though and we now have our route to normality in place. I had my first vaccine a few weeks ago and am due my second dose at the beginning of May.

So the biggest change recently, for those that don’t already know, is that I am now single. Me and Ste split up a few weeks ago now. I won’t be discussing the ins and outs of it all on here as it is private, but I am doing really well and feel positive about the future. It has meant the last few weeks have been spent adjusting and sorting out my home, which has been good to focus on.

The boys have also been keeping me busy and me and their Dad have been sharing the home-schooling duties and doing a week on, week off system. It has been really nice to be able to get involved with their schooling and see what they are learning about and it has been great to just be able to spend more time with them. I won’t lie – the home-schooling was tricky at times and it has definitely been keeping me busy! They have adjusted well to the changes at home and we have had some fun times in the past few weeks when they have been here. They are now back at school though and really enjoying being back with their friends. Leo said this weekend that one of his favourite subjects so far in high school has been Geography – although he hated those lessons in home school – so is glad to be back in the classroom. I think our kids have done amazingly well during these last few weeks and year really! They have had massive upheavals with schools being shut down twice now, but the boys have made me so proud and taken it all in their stride.

I shared this on social media but not on here I don’t think – but I have also joined the national Young IA committee which is super exciting. As you will know, I am already a part of my local group’s committee in Notts & Derby and absolutely love getting to help out this amazing charity. We aim to support people with ileostomies and internal pouches, those facing this surgery and their family and friends. The Young IA team is great and we have now arranged a series of online events, as we are still unable to meet up in person. If you would like more details about the Young IA, or want to see what events are coming up, you can check out the website or our Facebook page.

And then there is uni work! Last but not least, I am still studying for my degree. It is going well so far and I was pleased with my latest grade of 79 for my second assignment. My third has been submitted but hasn’t been marked yet and I am cracking on with my last lot of work before a fourth assignment and then my end of module assessment. With having the boys in a week on week off rota, I was only really able to work in the week that they weren’t here so am really pleased with myself for managing to stay on top of it all!

Well, I think that is everything! It is amazing what can happen in a year, even when you have spent most of it confined to your house! I have LOTS of new content lined up and loads of ideas to work through too which is exciting, but am always open to suggestions, so please leave any blog or YouTube requests in the comments below and I will schedule them in. Take care and keep safe everyone,

4 Comments on “Life Update – A Year In Lockdown

  1. I agree, our children have coped amazingly during the pandemic. I separated from my husband last summer and we are currently in a limbo phase for various reasons. My children are happy to be back at school with their friends, and I am happy to have time alone to work properly. It sounds like you are cracking on and doing well with everything, keep up the good work! 🙂


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