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So, both my boys are huge construction toy enthusiasts and Lego has been a part of our life for as long as I can remember! Growing up, me and my brother would also build endlessly with Lego but we also loved Knex and so I was really excited when the boys got sent two sets of it, as it bought back so many fun memories!

We were kindly gifted the Knex K-Force Battle Bow and the Knex Rides 12-in-1 Set which are aimed at ages 8+ and 7-12 respectively. Riley couldn’t wait to get started on the bow set and as many of you will know if you read regularly, Riley does have problems with certain things and one is his concentration skills.

Riley is 9 but to complete a project like this he needs help from me – however, I am not the best at building these types of things either! Had we given it to Leo (12), he would have breezed through it and got it made up in no time. The instructions were pretty easy to follow for me and Riley though and we only went wrong once – luckily right near the start so no major deconstruction was needed! I filmed a time lapse of me and Riley building it and you can see what I mean about his concentration skills, I didn’t realise he did half as much as he does until I watched this back!

Once constructed we had a great time playing with the bow and this will be played with many times again and again – the boys love a good competition!

I then looked after my friend’s two boys and James (7) wanted to build something with me, so we decided to put together the Knex Rides set. The instructions for all 12 models you can make with this set are laid out really well and are nice and clear. James loves to build and is really good at it – he only needed minimal help from me with finding pieces and putting it together.

We have had so much fun putting these sets together and both can be played with time and time again. The bow is so much fun and we have been holding competitions to see who can do the best (hint – it isn’t me!) since building it. The 12-in-1 set means we can rebuild all the different variations of the model and Riley has decided he will make up all 12 and then decide which his favourite to keep from there.

Both of these sets are available from John Lewis

I am sure these sets will keep bringing lots of fun to our weekends and we will be getting more in the future. Take care and keep safe everyone,

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