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For anyone who knows us, they will know that we (especially Leo) are huge fans of Star Wars. So when we were offered a gorgeous new soft toy, how could I say no?!

However – it didn’t go exactly to plan as I was intending to give it Leo… but then Riley spotted him! And since then they have been like best buddies and Riley hasn’t put him down! He has slept with him every night and he has now been taken with him to his Dad’s, where he is spending the second half of the half term holidays.

Grogu is 18cm tall and he is soooo soft – making him the perfect bedtime buddy although he has been taken on various trips and can be found wherever Riley is currently! For those that don’t know he is a character from the Star Wars Disney+ television series, The Mandalorian. The boys both watched this series with their Dad and they loved it – and Grogu was a favourite character by far!

If you are a fellow fan and would like your own, he is available on Amazon and from Very UK (SRP £9.99)

I can’t tell you how much he is loved and I am super grateful for this gift – as is Riley for sure! Hope you are all safe and well,

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