What Is Making Me Swipe ‘LEFT’ On Tinder?

So I thought it time to put myself out there and had this crazy idea about joining Tinder – what a delight that app can be! However, it has made me giggle at times, so I thought I would share with you some of the things making me swipe LEFT instead of right!

Anyone with same name as one of my brothers or the boys. Or my Dad. Or my ex.

It is just weird isn’t it!

Has Love Island in their top 5 likes

You only get to pick five from a massive list and you waste one on that awful show Tom?! Not for me!

This was a new one today… I like Donald Trump.

Hmm… while I don’t ever get involved in any political chat – I have my views and believe you are entitled to yours – this man is just vile!

Looking for sex/a bit of fun/I am in xxx for the weekend and want someone to show me around…

Now, I do admire the honesty of people who are upfront about not looking for something serious and think this is better than those who hide it, it just isn’t for me! Still prefer to see someone who is honest though, as opposed to those who pretend to want to get to know you, but only really want to get in your knickers!

And this guy? He is just a douchebag!
Just after an Insta follow

Now my Instagram is linked to my blog and that is something I want to bring up with someone in my own time, but you can link your Instagram account to your Tinder profile and there are people doing this just to get more followers… very odd!

There is a ‘dark’ side of Tinder

Apparently there are also people looking to satisfy certain kinks. This one is quite a tame example to be honest! I am sure there are other sites to find this sort of thing though? Each to their own!

Too far away or who are much younger/older than me

This is actually the apps fault. You enter a preferred age and distance range but it is rubbish and I am still being shown people who live hundreds of miles away!

Covid Disbelievers

While I agree that everyone has their own choice to make about whether they get the vaccine or not, don’t slate people who that can be an important factor for when looking to meet someone. There are many people out there of a similar age to me who have underlying health conditions and lowered immune systems who may want to know if a person has had the vaccine or not, simply to feel safer.

Group Photos

So am I meant to guess which one you are? What if we match but it is actually your mate/brother who I thought was hot?! Unnecessarily complicated and potentially awkward!

The Ex

Awkward AF

So there we have my observations so far on this so called dating app! Not sure if I will meet my Tinder Prince on there, but it has certainly helped me narrow down what I don’t want! Does anyone have any positive stories that have come out of a dating app – Tinder or otherwise? Let me hear them in the comments – help me keep the faith that there are still some decent people out there!

Take care and keep safe everyone,

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