December Challenge

Good morning and happy December to you all!  It is one of my favourite months, I love all things festive and spending so much family time having fun!  What are you looking forward to this month?

Last Month’s Challenge

In November I set myself a challenge to give myself some time each day to complete a task for myself. I honestly didn’t keep up with it as the month went a little awry with Ste being taken into hospital. However, I found time to make sure I kept up some semblance of self care. Ste was originally taken into Derby hospital as he became ill while staying with me but was then transferred to his specialist hospital in Leeds. This meant it became difficult to see him as often as the drive takes its toll, especially when I’m not 100% myself. Ste definitely helped me with this. He knows that I would do the drive, every day, even if it made me poorly so he told me I wasn’t to. This took a lot of pressure off me which was great. Although I didn’t do an individual thing every day of the month, I did do the majority of the things on my list at some point during November, and will definitely revisit this challenge again next year. 

December Challenge

So onto December. This month I decided I wanted to do a photo challenge. It is a skill I really want to start improving and I felt this month would be a perfect time to start with lots of fab photo opportunities. My lovely friend and fellow blogger – @thegranthams – is hosting a photo challenge over on her Instagram this month and so I’ve decided to join her. She’s also offering a prize for one lucky person who joins in which is perfect for this time of year, a £100 Amazon giftcard. Be sure to head on over, check it out and join in – you might be the lucky winner!

I hope you decided to participate and I will be looking forward to seeing everyones festive pics! You can find me on Instagram by my username @thespooniemummy 

BlogMas Day Twenty One – Our Favourite Children’s Christmas Stories

So today me and the boys are sharing our favourite Christmas stories which we like to read at this time of year.  I love reading and it is something I have encouraged from a young age with the boys.  They are both now very good readers and enjoy doing so.  Every year they get a new Christmas story in their Christmas Eve box to read that night and they will both always get new books for Christmas too.

Here are some of the stories I will be reading to them before bed in the next few days.


The Snowman by Raymond Briggs

This is a traditional Christmas story which I remember being told as a child. I also love the film. I got this when Leo was born for his first Christmas. This one has a CD which tells the story too which the kids love as it’s something different. For those that don’t know the story is about a snowman that comes to life and has a night full of adventures with the little boy who made him.


The Jolly Christmas Postman by Janet & Allan Ahlberg

I absolutely adore the Jolly Postman series and this is no exception. The story follows the postman delivering the mail to lots of famous storybook characters which children will recognise. The added bonus being that the children get to open the envelopes and see what is being delivered. This book was firmly kept on the shelf for many years until I could trust the boys were old enough not to rip it, but they love to read it together and open the envelopes throughout. The Ahlberg’s wrote some of my favourite children’s books and this one is up there with the best in my opinion.

Father Christmas Needs A Wee! and Father Christmas Comes Up Trumps! By Nicholas Allan

Definitely one of the boy’s top choices and they love this one all year round, not just at Christmas! What is it about boys and toilet humour? I really quite enjoy the stories though too, and like the way they rhyme. Funny and entertaining and we can’t not laugh at a good toilet joke in this house!


Sproutzilla Vs Christmas by Tom Jameson and Mike Byrne

Lots of fun and you can’t have Christmas without a sprout! This was last year’s Christmas Eve book and both boys really enjoyed it. We aren’t sprout fans in this house but the story got a big thumbs up!


The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore

Last but not least, a Christmas classic. I absolutely love this and the boys are always enthralled as I read it to them. This version is beautifully illustrated too, which makes it even better. It’s one of those stories like The Gruffalo, which you end up being able to read off by heart and the rhyming pattern makes it even more beautiful sounding. This should be a part of everyone’s Christmas!

So there are our top five (or six) children’s Christmas stories. Please let us know your favourites in the comments below and if you haven’t read any of these yet, be sure to let us know if you enjoy them as much as we do!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night… Xxx

BlogMas Day Five – Christmas Tree, O’ Christmas Tree

I had planned to do a speed decorating video of me doing the tree but it didn’t quite work out what with the absolutely hectic end to last week so I thought I would share some pictures and tell you where I got some of our Christmas decorations from in a post instead!

I decided to go with a white and silver theme this year.  It is one I have wanted to do for a while and I really love how it has turned out! My tree is fake, it is from Tesco and is pre-lit.  This year I decided to not add any extra lights and I think just the simple white lights look perfect with the decorations I have added.

The boys received these silver name decorations as gifts (Riley has one too but for some reason the photo didn’t load).  Then I had to make sure their first Christmas ones were on there.  They both have baby Mickey decorations which came from Disneyland Paris.

I love these decorations and they were only £1 each from Wilko.  I had seen the same ones in another store for £3.99 each, the plastic was a little tougher on them but otherwise they looked exactly the same.  I thought these were super pretty though.

Asda did a huge set of white and silver baubles and it was only £4, such a bargain.  It had glitter, plain and other designs which were prefect additions to the tree.

These two were also from Asda and were £1 each.  I really love the silver one and it looks great on the tree, especially with the lights on!


This silver unicorn was from Primark earlier this year.  It was in the home sale section and I grabbed it as I thought it would be perfect for the Christmas tree.


These snowflakes were also from Asda.  It was a pack of eight and they were £!.  I didn’t add the strings, I just popped them in the tree and they stay stuck by themselves.

I visited one of those Christmas pop up shops in Derby City Centre a couple of weeks ago and got these decorations from there.  I really enjoyed getting lots of different textures of decoration for the tree this year.  With the simple silver and white colour scheme I think the textures make it look really special.  There are six of the jingle bells and they really do ring!

These baubles are part of a set of six, which are all in white and grey and feature a reindeer deign.  They were from B & M and I love that they are hung on ribbon too.

The silver stars were some that I got a few years ago, but I added the white ones as well this year which were from Asda.  I believe there were about five in the packet and I think they look lovely.

Aside from the tree I have a few other bits to show you.  These light were £1 each from a little shop which sells everything in Halifax.  They are actually from Tiger, which is a shop I have recently discovered in Derby and I love! I got three but need to replace the batteries as only one worked from the start and that has now given up too!  The bulbs flicker which give a nice candle like effect.  Our light box is now displaying festive messages and some of our Christmas teddies are also on display on the bookcase.


I was super excited to get some mistletoe this year, and it was only £1 from Asda.  I have hung it in the doorway between the hallway and living room.  Lots of Christmas kisses this year!

Both of these (the vase and Potpourri) are from HomeSense.  The vase has housed an Autumn candle on our coffee table till now but I have added this Christmas scented potpourri which smells amazing!

The boys stockings are also up and I have added their Wilko Blox Calendar which you may have seen me post about on social media already.  Super fab and fun and it was only £8, so very impressed!  There are also some Christmas candles about the place.  I got some scented Christmas tree sticks and have a couple in the tree to make it smell lovely too.  I picked them up from Poundstretcher and there are about 8 in there so I can replace when the scent wears off.

So that is how our house looks so far with the decorations.  I hope you enjoyed this post and are enjoying Blogmas so far.  I am posting every day of December till Christmas and if you haven’t seen it already you can see day four here