Mental Health Monday – 5 Tips To Fight Festive Angst

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Good morning and happy new week! I am now in full on festive mode so this is my first Christmassy themed blog post!

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This information here really resonated with me and I thought many of you would appreciate a read too. As a person who suffers with anxiety in general, the Christmas period often triggers these feelings more than at any other time of the year. As the weather gets colder, I often find my rheumatoid arthritis starts to niggle, which causes more pain and fatigue than usual. The increase in social activities can then be made more difficult, as I try to manage my condition and all the related symptoms. Money worries can become more intense at Christmas and for people who aren’t close with family, it can be a struggle with the extra family time people often expect during this period.

I hope that you find this information both insightful and helpful. As someone who has used Kalms before, I found it really helpful and the tips suggested below are also all worth a look at! Please let me know in the comments which is your favourite tip, or if you have any to add to the list.

Five Tips to Fight Festive Angst

According to MIND, one in four adults feel anxious during the festive period, as the extra demands at Christmas become overwhelming.   But is there anything that can be done to relieve festive angst and calm anxious moods? The experts a Kalms find out…

Christmas is widely recognised as being a stressful time as people juggle the extra demands of family visits, extra cooking, and the extra social round. But for those who suffer from anxiety, the season becomes increasingly challenging and offers a myriad of reasons to worry.

Commenting on the symptoms and prevalence of anxiety, Anxiety UK CEO Nicky Lidbetter:

“Anxiety is extremely common and at its worst can be incredibly disabling. It is important therefore that those living with anxiety seek early help and that treatment interventions offered are acceptable and accessible.”

“Psychological symptoms of anxiety include worry, spinning thoughts and insomnia due to a racing mind. Anxiety can also affect the body – causing issues such as a racing heartbeat, nausea, headaches, and muscle tension. These symptoms can feel very distressing, particularly over the festive period.”

So, is there anything that can be done to relieve festive angst and calm anxious moods?

Here, the experts at Kalms have put together five simple but effective solutions so that we can all have a very merry Christmas.

  • Focus on the positives. Avoid dwelling on what you cannot control and focus on the things you can. If you’re feeling anxious, taking stock of what you’re grateful for might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Research shows that keeping a gratitude journal can help improve your mental health.
  • Plan Ahead. Set aside specific days for shopping, baking, connecting with friends and other activities. Consider whether you can shop online for any of your items. Plan your menus and then make your shopping list. That’ll help prevent last-minute scrambling to buy forgotten ingredients. And make sure to line up help for meal prep and clean-up.
  • Try a traditional herbal remedy, such as Kalms Lavender. Lavender oil has a long-standing association with relieving symptoms of mild anxiety. Over 15 clinical trials have shown that a daily capsule of uniquely prepared lavender oil, found only in Kalms Lavender, can relieve the symptoms of anxiety in just one to two weeks. Benefits are comparable to commonly used anti-anxiety medications without problems such as sedation, addiction, or interaction with other medications.
  • Don’t abandon healthy habits & let the holidays become a free-for-all. Overindulgence only adds to your anxiety and guilt. Make efforts to eat well, exercise and get enough sleep. Remind yourself that it might take time for the situation to resolve and be patient with yourself in the meantime.
  • Take time to talk. Sharing your worries with a trusted family member or friend can make them seem less daunting and help you realise you’re not alone. If you cannot speak to someone you know or if doing so has not helped, there are plenty of helplines you can try instead. Anxiety UK offers support, advice, and information on a range of anxiety, stress and anxiety-based depression conditions. For assistance today, call their helpline on 03444 775 774.


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The anxiety-relieving effects of uniquely prepared, pharmaceutical quality lavender oil are available, only in Kalms Lavender One-A-Day Capsules.

Kalms Lavender One-A-Day Capsules is a traditional herbal medicinal product used for the temporary relief of the symptoms of mild anxiety such as stress and nervousness, exclusively based on long standing use as a traditional herbal remedy. Always read the label.

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Take care and keep safe,

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