Stoma Mail

When I had first had my operation one of the most amazing things was the support I received from people in the IBD and Ostomy communities.

From the visit from wonderful Lauren from Purple Wings, to mailed gifts from far and wide to so many messages from people checking up on me – it all meant so much!

I was lucky enough to have some friends send me some parcels with different bags and stoma supplies for me to try out once I was out of hospital and feeling up to it. This was such a fabulous help and I am really pleased to now be doing the same for others.

A couple of lovely ladies I know who have just had their stoma surgery and a man who wants to try the bags I use and have been chatting to about medication recently will all shortly be receiving their parcels. I have put them together today so I can take them to the post office tomorrow.

I think this is a great way of showing how the community pulls together and helps one another. I feel like I’m paying forward the kindness and support I was shown after my surgery, and if it helps people get a good routine for themselves with their stoma all the better!!


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