Five Friday Favourites

Welcome to this week’s Five Friday Favourites and apologies that this is going up a day late!

First up is family time!  We had a lovely long weekend with the boys having a staff training last Friday and then the Bank Holiday.  We spent it in Halifax with Ste and on Monday we had Layla for the day too which was fab.  The boys adore her and we had lots of fun at the local playcentre.  It is always great when we get chance to spend time together, the five of us.

Next up is my newest skincare find!  I have been using this for around 2 weeks now.  It’s been great to give my skin a boost of moisture throughout the day when my skin starts getting dry.  I have been using it as a make-up setting spray which is really helping my skin not look so dehydrated.  It also feels lovely and refreshing on a hot day!  I bought it from Superdrug and it is from their own Vitamin E skincare range.  This is the hydrating mist.  I have the moisturiser, moisture boost serum and the face mask which I also like and is an inexpensive range to buy.


Next up is an app.  I have used FreePrints before but only just re-downloaded it on my new phone and have now had two months worth of photos.  You basically have to download the app and then every month you get 40 free photos for which you just pay delivery.  It is really handy as I take so many photos on my phone and now I just select which ones I want printed and they are delivered.  Delivery is £1.49 and they aim to have them with you in 6 days.  I ordered mine on Sunday and even with the bank holiday they arrived on Wednesday which was great.  Each month the app resets and you are able to order your 40 photos for that month.  They have also just bought out a new app called Photobook and Ste ordered one for me and it is really lovely, so you might want to check that out too!

I do my weekly food shop at Aldi and  this week while walking round I spotted this and thought it would be a fun activity to do with the boys.  It cost £9.99 and it a playhouse sized castle which we have to decorate ourselves.  There was a fairy castle and a farm themed one too.  I thought it might be nice to paint it outside in the garden as the weather is warming up.  But Leo thought paint would be too messy and go out of the lines so he wanted to colour it instead!  So far we have made a start on one side but there is lots more to do so will keep us busy for a while!  I will be sure to post a picture up when it is all finished and assembled.

Lastly is very exciting!  I finally have a new desk!  No more bending over the computer on a coffee table trying to type blog posts and do ‘The IBD & Ostomy Show’.  My back is most grateful and I like that everything looks all neatened up and I don’t need to sit on one of the boy’s small stools to use the computer anymore!


So that rounds up my five favourites from this week.  Please let me know what you have been enjoying this week in the comments below!

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