Five Friday Favourites

It’s that time of the week again where I share my five favourite things from the previous week.  I haven’t been feeling too great this week which is why there wasn’t a post on Wednesday for you.  My arthritis is extremely active in my jaw and I have been getting terrible headaches for over a week now.  I have also been incredibly nauseous/sick meaning I am not eating much and generally feeling pretty rubbish.  This morning I have woken up and seem to have caught my youngest’s chesty cough.  Hopefully next week will be a brighter week!

First up this week is my oldest, Leo.  He always makes me proud but this week, not only did he get 10/10 on his spelling test but his work on joints in the human body was posted on the Class Dojo app and he had his script featured in the school newsletter.  I couldn’t be happier with how he is getting on at school and how bright he is!


On Sunday I was on my own as the boy’s were at their Dad’s.  I would normally spend some time at Ste’s but as I was going to pick him up the following day I couldn’t manage all that driving over one weekend.  My lovely parent’s invited me over for a roast dinner and following that we went to Swarkstone Garden Centre for a mooch and they wanted to buy a bird table.  There is a running family joke about getting an ‘ice-cream on the way home’.  My Dad would say this to us when we were little and went out anywhere to eat, rather than us ordering a pudding.  Thing is, we would never end up stopping on the way home!  Well, on the way back from the garden centre he suddenly asked if I wanted an ice-cream and pulled into the garage.  Me and my Mum were laughing and I had to take a photo to send to my brothers!  After sending them this, my oldest brother Adam messaged me back saying ‘Wow, its only taken 30 years but he has finally bought one’.  Really made me smile and I thoroughly enjoyed it as Sunday was a lovely, warm day!


I purchased this from the garden centre and absolutely love it!  I have been looking for a bird feeder and thought this one was really girlie and pretty!  I can’t wait to get it hung up on my shed once I am feeling a bit better!


My other purchase from the garden centre was these two sunflowers and the brightly coloured pots.  The boys have one each and we are going to measure them every couple of weeks and see who can grow the tallest one!  Leo is already taking good care of his and takes the watering of the plants very seriously!  Riley doesn’t seem too impressed with this bit, but he is excited about measuring them. Next week we are designing a chart so we can keep a record of the heights and I will keep you updated on the competition!


Finally, Ste has been staying here for a couple of days this week and as his Mom and Sister have been on holiday he bought Izzy the dog with him.  The boys have absolutely loved having her around, walking her, playing with her and having lots of snuggles.  She is also the best hot water bottle in bed at night!  The boys really want a dog of our own and although I would love to get one, I have said we need to wait till we are properly settled in the new house and my flare up is under control.  We plan on rescuing one when the time is right.  Here is Izzy getting a belly rub from Riley this morning in bed!


That is it from my favourites this week!  Sorry the list isn’t extensive but due to not feeling too good I haven’t done an awful lot.  We are off to Ste’s this weekend and Leo has something exciting to share on Sunday in the boy’s takeover so watch out for that.  Hope you all have a fab Friday and enjoy your weekends!

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