#SMSelfLoveClub – Week 2

Welcome to week two of The Spoonie Mummy Self Love Club!  How are you finding it so far?  The feedback and messages I have had have been brilliant and super positive which makes me really happy.  I hope you are finding it useful, some of the questions aren’t easy to think about but that is the idea of a challenge!  I post the questions every day across my social media accounts and give my answer on my Facebook page – you can check them out over at http://www.facebook.com/thespooniemummy


Week 2 Challenges

Wednesday 8th November – Name a part of your personality that you love

Thursday 9th November – What is something in your life you need to get rid of?

Friday 10th November – How would you describe yourself (in a loving way) to a stranger?

Saturday 11th November – What things make you feel happy to be alive?

Sunday 12th November – Take a selfie.  Just as you are.  Find one thing you love about it

Monday 13th November – What would your younger self be proud of you for today?

Tuesday 14th November – What are you afraid to ask for? What do you need to speak up about?


I hope these challenges get you thinking this week and motivate you to believe, trust and love yourself.  Make sure you are giving yourself that bit of time every day for something you enjoy doing.  Even if you can only squeeze in ten minutes a day, it is so important for your mind!

Please let me know how you are finding the #SMSelfLoveClub in the comments below if you are joining in, and it is never too late to start!  You can check out the week one post here


28 Comments on “#SMSelfLoveClub – Week 2

  1. It’s the first time I am stumbling about this challenge and I find it very interesting. It is definitely a very kind way of reflecting and starting to love yourself a little bit more every day. 🙂


  2. Ooh – what is something in your life you need to get rid of – that’s a great one. Probably my tendency to negativity but that’s not so easy.


  3. These are some great Ideas love I think we all need to take some of these steps once in awhile to clear our heads and feel better about ourselves and our goals in life.


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