BlogMas Day Thirteen – Ground To A Ho-Ho-Halt

Well, what a time to get struck down by a stomach bug!  The last couple of days have been pretty horrendous but I am pleased to say, today I seem to be on the up.  Anyone with an ileostomy will know – diarrhoea and vomiting bugs are not only horrific but can be pretty dangerous to ostomates due to how easily they get dehydrated.  I am pleased to say I managed to keep on top of my hydration with this one pretty well and I think that has helped enormously.

For my next post I had planned to fill you all in a little on the past week as I had some exciting news to share, so will continue with that here!  On Thursday I received an email to say my first university assignment of this year had been marked.  To say I was nervous is an understatement and I was just hoping for at least a 70.  To my surprise and delight I got a 90!  The feedback from my tutor was really positive and lovely, although I am feeling the pressure now as she had written that she is looking forward to my future work after this bright start.  The last couple of months have been less than easy so to still walk away from the first assignment with that score is such a major high point for me.  I have said I will use the time I do not have the boys full time to make them proud and so this is a great starting point with that.  Ste has been brilliantly helpful and encouraging and I can’t thank him enough.  A supportive partner (and friendly kick up the bum when needed) is definitely a great help.

The second bit of good news on Thursday was in the form of an email from the lovely people at Respond who want to feature a photo of me and the boys from last year as the front cover of their Winter magazine edition.  I will be sure to let you know when it is available and how to get your copy once it is available.  My mum is super impressed that they are using a photo she took of us but wants to know if she gets photographer credit too!

Then onto my third bit of good news – on Friday Ste finally made it home after a long month in the hospital.  He has had his port fitted and has started to gain some weight which is fantastic.  I am so proud of him for how he copes and making difficult but good decisions for his health.  He hated having to go in, missing time with me, Layla and the boys, but overall the outcome is far more positive and will mean he is much healthier now.  We enjoyed having Layla over the weekend and even got to take her to see Santa which was amazing.  Today we went in for the first needle change in his port with the lovely port nurse and Ste did brilliantly.  He will need to change this every week and as long as he has no problems, he can do this all by himself at home.

I am feeling a little deflated about ‘failing’ BlogMas but will now continue till the 24th.  Part of my recent self care journey has made me realise I have to put myself first, especially when my health is not good and so the break was definitely needed.  Fingers crossed that is the last bug of the year now and we can enjoy Christmas, our little family of five with all our special people.

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