Thirty Two Things I Want To Do In My Thirty Second Year

So tomorrow is my birthday and I am turning 32…urgh!  I decided for my birthday post I wanted to look ahead and make some goals, so I have created a list of 32 things I want to do in my 32nd year.  Hope you enjoy a read and fingers crossed I can complete them all by next year!


  1. Complete my current degree module
  2. Make a solid start with my next module and stay on top of the workload
  3. Read at least 50 books by the end of the year
  4. Start a sign language course
  5. Blog to get 300 subscribers
  6. See more of friends in other cities
  7. Complete a craft project
  8. Attend the PW ball
  9. Do some fundraising for PW
  10. Work on bringing pilates into my daily routine
  11. Complete CBT
  12. Decorate the boy’s bedroom
  13. Go on a romantic break away with Ste
  14. Visit at least 3 places I haven’t before
  15. Start saving to take the kids to Disneyland Paris
  16. Pay off at least half of my current debts
  17. Volunteer work
  18. Get a laptop of my own
  19. Approach my hospital about training healthcare assisntants in stoma care
  20. Write a piece for a newspaper/magazine
  21. Get my divorce finaluised
  22. Attend/arrange some IBD/stoma meet ups
  23. Talk to Arthritis Care about providing support to children diagnosed with arthritis
  24. Begin posting regularly on my YouTube channel
  25. Visit a Christmas market
  26. Take the boys to – West Midlands Safari Park, The Deep, Blackpool, Cadbury’s World, Sealife Centre Birmingham, Legoland, Sherwood Forest, Eureka and more
  27. Twinning outfit with Layla
  28. Help potty train Layla
  29. Sort out my garden
  30. Take the boys for an impromptu day trip to the seaside
  31. See the Blackpool Illuminations
  32. New Year’s Eve party


Let me know what you think of my list in the comments below and some things you are hoping to achieve and do.

NatalieThe Spoonie Mummy


4 Comments on “Thirty Two Things I Want To Do In My Thirty Second Year

  1. 2nd time lucky! My internet died as I clicked ‘Post Comment’ the first time. Happy Birthday for tomorrow. I love this idea. I turned 40 in March and, in hindsight, this is something that I should have done. Not saying I would achieve all 40 goals, but it’s nice to aim high. I would definitely be including something on mine about debt payments. I’ve had some kind of loan and credit card (or both) since I was 22 so this is the year I’m determined to tackle that issue. 100% in 12 months might be too optimistic, but 75% could be achievable with a little bit of knuckling down. I’ve come across a great website that offers useful hints, tips and encouragement from others who are in the same boat called Money Saving Expert. Most of the stuff is just common sense when you think of it, but it takes someone pointing it out to make you realise how simple the idea is. Best of luck with your goals, especially the education and divorce elements (sorry it didn’t work out, but good news for Ste, I guess – every cloud). It’s important to make time for family and loved ones, so I’m glad to see that these are on your goals. Life just gets so busy sometimes; it’s important to realise it’s not all work, work, work. If you make it to Cadbury World, I’d love to see the photos. Only found out it existed yesterday through an advert on Facebook. I will definitely be adding it to my own bucket list – not in the next 12 months, but certainly one day. I’m such a big kid for that kind of thing 🙂

    Good luck with each and every single one of your goals. I look forward to seeing your progress as the year progresses. And be sure to have a ball tomorrow. You deserve it!

    Aidan x


  2. This is a great list of goals!! I hope you’re able to complete all of them 😊😊 I think it’s a great idea to make goals for the year like this, if you stick to it, you’ll have one great year!!


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