Introduction To The Well Wrap

Today I have an exciting new product to share with all you readers with arthritis and joint problems.  Well Wrap is a non-invasive, electronic, wearable wrap for your knee that can help those with joint pain.  Have a look at what people testing the WellWrap are saying about this device by clicking here


The Well Wrap is simple to use – put it on, turn it on and enjoy!  Each session lasts just seven minutes a day and you can start to feel the benefit after as little as two treatments. The creators say this will be the answer for a variety of people who have knee pain for all kinds of reason – arthritis, trauma, bursitis, sports injuries etc.  They hope it will lower the amount of pain medication people take as a result of these conditions.  The technology contained is developed by NASA which sounds pretty special in itself!

Check out the Well Wrap introduction video on YouTube

To see the product in all it’s 3D glory click here


Now for the science bit – the WellWrap can be worn on the go and provides joint pain relief using embedded NASA LLLT technology. LLLT offers no side effects, increases circulation, decreases inflammation and helps to relieve your knee pain naturally.

The WellWrap also captures your vital signs, including temperature and blood pressure. This is great for monitoring overall health for people who, like me have other health problems including high blood pressure.


It was also recently featured on the Dr Oz show.  Hear what he has to say about it by clicking here

I love hearing about the latest innovations and treatments.  This is especially exciting as it is not a drug, so no icky side effects to contend with.  The Well Wrap is currently in production and they are offering those who sign up, up to 40% off when the product becomes available to buy.  That is a huge saving and you will be the first to know about all the latest developments as they drop straight into your inbox.  To sign up follow this link and you will be invited to share your name and email address.  Simple as that!  I am really looking forward to hearing more about this wrap and I hope it really helps people with knee pain.

What other products do you use like this to minimise pain and use of medication?  Let me know in the comments below as I am always on the look out for more ideas.  Let me know if you sign up too, it will be great to keep track of everybody, the savings they make and how the product is working for them.


Thank you to Well Wrap for sponsoring this post.  I was grateful to be asked to write this post but all views expressed are my own

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