Gardening With Kids

Friday is here at last.  I hope that you have all had a super week and are planning an even better weekend.

I have started to do a weekly vlog over on my YouTube channel and the first one went live yesterday.  If you aren’t already subscribed I would love you to go and check it out and have a look.

Check out Weekly Vlog #1

Today I wanted to share some garden friendly ides of things you can do with the kids.  Mine have loved helping us plant seeds this year and we were lucky enough to be sent one of the fabulous gardening subscription boxes from Mud & Bloom this year too.  My boys are very pleased with heir green fingered activities of late – Gardner’s by name, gardener;s by nature it seems!

Mud & Bloom Subscription Boxes

It was great to be contacted by Anja from Mud & Bloom and asked to try out one of her gardening subscription boxes for kids.  Subscription boxes seem really common at the moment, but I liked that this stepped away from the crafty type that there are so many of and encouraged kids to get outside in the fresh air.  The box we were sent contained:

  • Basil and tomato seeds
  • Instruction cards for seeds
  • Compost blocks
  • Gardening quiz card
  • Acrylic paints and brush
  • Rock painting activity card

I think the boxes are fantastic value at just £7.95 a month which includes your monthly box and delivery charges.  The compost blocks are a fab idea and mean you do not need to worry about having compost in to get the seedlings started.  Just add water and they expand so you can add the seeds!  You can also start growing them in little yoghurt pots for example, so perfect for children who like to recycle!

The boys really enjoyed planting their seeds and we have also planted sunflower seeds, poppies, sweet peas and strawberries this year so far.  We are also planning on growing potatoes and peas.

Rock painting, hiding and seeking has been really popular recently and there are lots of groups on Facebook sharing ideas on places to hide and find them in your local area.  The boys found their first rock on a scooter ride and were really happy, although Leo wasn’t too sure about re-hiding it as he wanted to keep t.  They love hunting for good rocks to paint on dog walks and trips to the park, so the paints went down really well for that!

Overall I think the box offers a great range of activities and items at a brilliant price.  The boys could do the activities together meaning that one box was enough for them both and I wouldn’t have to make multiple purchases as with some boxes, so they could have one each.

Visit Mud & Bloom to see how to sign up and receive your first box


Other Fun Garden Based Activities For Kids

Sunflower Growing Competition

We like to plant sunflowers every year and see who can grow the biggest one!  Leo is very diligent about watering and generally ends up responsible for Riley’s too, so he normally accepts the win!  This year we chose a different variety – Teddy Bear Sunflowers – which have large fuzzy heads and we are looking forward to see what they look like when they flower.

Great for encouraging maths skills – measuring and counting

Potato Growing

Growing potatoes is a pretty easy thing to do, so brings good success.  As they grow under the soil, children get really excited when it is time to dig them up and see how many have grown

Great for encouraging counting skills

Podding Peas

My Mum and Dad grow peas every year and one of my boys favourite things to do is help them to pod them (and eat them)!

Great for encouraging kids to eat vegetables and fruit as they see where they have come from and have helped to grow them

Mucky Children = Happy Children

Isn’t that what they say?  It is certainly true with my two, they love spending time outside in the garden, doing a range of different things.  Riley really loves the large chalkboard we have on the side of the shed and will practice writing and do drawings on there for everyone.  I picked up the blackboard paint from Wilkos and painted three quarters of one side of the shed and it is a popular activity for any of the kids who visit us!

Gardening gives you such a great scope for discussion with children, teaching them everything from growing cycles to how to take care and be responsible for something to discussion about the weather.  I hope you have been inspired by my suggestions and with the Summer holidays coming up, give some of them a try.  Don’t forget to visit the Mud & Bloom site and check out their boxes as I am sure they will be very popular!


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9 Comments on “Gardening With Kids

  1. You have inspired me to make more use of our garden and land here. So many would love to have what we do and I need to tap into it for happiness, relaxation and learning on our home education journey. Mucky children – absolutely and builds up resistance to disease a bit if you ask me. #BestBootForwawrd

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gardening with kids is so brilliant for us and them (too easy to never get round to doing the things we like if we wait til the kids are occupied). The mud and bloom boxes sound great, I’ll have to go and check them out. We have a small patch on a friends allotment but as we don’t have a garden at home I’ve shoes away from home projects as my toddler would just upend everything!


  3. I love this! My kids love gardening (thank god because I hate it) and it’s so good for them to be out in the fresh air connecting with nature. Have a great week and thanks for joining in with #BestBootForward


  4. This is a great post with some lovely ideas to get children involved in gardening! I’ve only just become interested in gardening this year and really want my daughter to get involved. We are already doing a sunflower competition although I hadn’t thought about actually measuring them, we’ve just been judging by sight so far so great tip!


    • Ah excellent. Me too, it’s always been a bit of an old people’s thing hasn’t it but I have enjoyed making it look nice and the kids have so much fun! Good luck with your sunflowers xx

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  6. I used to love podding the peas (and eating them) with our neighbours when we were little, lovely to see the kids joining in and actually looking like they want to be there with you in the garden #bestbootforward


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