The Spoonie Mummy Reviews – The Selfie Bag

Good morning and happy Thursday!  I know this is not my usual blogging day but I wanted this post to go up today rather than yesterday as today is National Selfie Day!


The Selfie Bag

I was sent this bag to test out from the lovely folks at Cotton Bag Co.  The bags come in two different designs and are a great size to fit in everything you need.  They contain special inner pockets, one of which is zipped – perfect for your phone and selfie stick.  What makes the bag truly unique is the fold out reflector sheet, which helps give your selfies that professionally lit look on the go!  The bag also comes with a little booklet  with tips on how to get the perfect selfie.  It contains lots of advice, some from the queen of the selfie herself, Kim Kardashian!


What I Thought

I really love the bag, it is a great size and really strong.  I have been using it to carry round my university folders, diary and blogging notebooks and the bag has no signs of wear and tear.  The design is lovely and looks good with any outfit.

The reflector sheet is really handy when I am out and about and want to take a selfie.  I post a lot across my social media and this definitely helps improves my confidence in posting a selfie. I am no great photographer so anything that can help is a bonus.

This bag is perfect for fellow bloggers – room for everything you need, the strength to carry all your notebooks and great designs!

Cotton Bag Co.

Cotton Bag Co have a great range of cotton, canvas, jute, woven and non woven bags.  I love the tagline – no plastic please, we are British!  Good quality, reusable bags are in demand at the moment and you can definitely find what you are looking for here, with a wide range of stylish designs to choose from.  The Selfie Bag costs £9.99 and I think the quality of it, never mind the extra features, make it worth the price.  You can choose between these two different designs.

Where To Buy

Visit the Cotton Bag Co website

Buy The Selfie Bag

I hope you all enjoyed this review and have a happy National Selfie Day!  Look forward to seeing lots of beautiful selfies online today and in the future


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