Spring Cleaning Week – Uses For ZoFlora

So I hope you are enjoying Spring Cleaning week so far! Yesterday I posted a video rather than a blog post over on my YouTube channel, which you can check out at the link below – don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already!

Spring Cleaning Week – The Cleaning Tag

Today I an going to talk about one of the most popular cleaning products of the moment thanks to Mrs Hinch – ZoFlora. Although I have learnt a lot from Mrs Hinch and have loved some of her recommendations, I have actually been using ZoFlora for years as it was introduced to me when I started working in day nurseries aged 17.

The reason I continued to use it at home is because it smells great and the range of scents is amazing. It also kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including nasties like MRSA. As someone with chronic illnesses, who is on a triple amount of immune suppressant medications, this gives me peace of mind that I am doing as much as I can to help keep my home as bug free as possible. It is also incredibly versatile – the one product can be used in so many different ways which is brilliant. Today I thought I would write about some of the ways I use it, which will hopefully give you some ides about what you can do with it in your own home.

6 Ways I Use ZoFlora In My Home

  • Probably the main and most popular use for ZoFlora is as a spray disinfectant. I buy empty spray bottles from Tiger and fill with a diluted ZoFlora solution to use on my kitchen worktops and sink area.
  • I also use my diluted ZoFlora solution to spray my radiators. Not only does it keep them clean, when they heat up you get the lovely smell of ZoFlora around your home. I know some people spray their light bulbs for the same reason but I don’t like to do this for safety reasons – ZoFlora is flammable and some light bulbs can get extremely hot!
  • When washing towels you aren’t supposed to use fabric softener as this can affect the ability of the towel to absorb water. I pop a cap full of ZoFlora in the drawer instead – this means my towels smell amazing and that they come out super clean!
  • One from Mrs Hinch which I have started to do – when doing the weekly bathroom clean (I clean our toilets daily due to our ostomies but everything else gets done weekly) I always pop a cap full of ZoFlora into the toilet brush holder. Keeps the brush disinfected and smells great!
  • The Pet Friendly Zoflora – Mountain Air scent is brilliant when you have pets. I pop a cap full in whenever I am washing their dog beds and blankets as it makes them smell fresh, as well as making sure they are really clean. Knowing the dogs stuff smells nice, but it is safe for them is always reassuring.
  • A final Mrs Hinch hack – putting the sink to bed. This involves popping a cap full of Zoflora into the sink along with a kettle full of boiling water and popping in your wash sponges and cloths. They get disinfected and smell nice ready for the next day and the kitchen smells lovely when you come down the next morning!
Bluebell Woods

Currently I am loving the Bluebell Woods scent, although my favourite does change quite regularly, especially when they bring out the limited edition scents! Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you find my tips useful! Do you use ZoFlora in your home for any other purpose? Please let me know in the comments below as I am always looking for good cleaning hacks! Hope you are enjoying Spring Cleaning Week so far and be sure to check out my YouTube channel again tomorrow for another video post,

5 Comments on “Spring Cleaning Week – Uses For ZoFlora

  1. Mhmm Zoflora definitely takes me back to my childhood . My mum use to use it for everything. I love using it on my toilets and floors . The smell is amazing


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