Recipe – Cheat’s ‘Paella’

My kids are huge chorizo fans and this is a really simple meal that you can also pack with veggies to ensure it is healthy too. I don’t like prawns so don’t use them, but you can add them if you do! Every time I make this it changes slightly – usually I use whatever veg I have in. I also used diced pork today instead of chicken – this was not planned as I thought I had taken a chicken breast out of the freezer this morning, but it still worked absolutely fine and tasted delicious!

You will need

Two packets of golden vegetable rice

A chorizo ‘sausage’ sliced

Large chicken breast, diced

One onion, diced

Baby corn (I have also used extra peas, sweetcorn and red/yellow/orange peppers which the rice will contain as well, mangetout, carrot etc)

How to make

1 – If your rice needs cooking on the hob, put it on now. If you are using microwave rice you can wait till near the end to heat it

2 – Dice the chicken, chhorizo and onion. I also chopped the baby corns in half

3 – Throw (gently) into a large frying pan. I didn’t add any oil as the chorizo oil comes out and if you keep stirring, will flavour the chicken and other vegetable nicely

4 – Once the rice is cooked (or heated in the microwave) and the chicken is cooked through, stir the two together and serve

This really is super simple and easy but so tasty! As I said at the beginning of the post if you are a fan of prawns you can fdefinitely add them as well – I just don’t like them so never have.I love easy meals like this for school day teas. Not only are they quick and easy, you know you can pack a whole load of veggies in there too.

What are your go to weekday meals? Have you got any simplified versions oft things that normally take longer to cook for after school/work days? I would love to hear them in the comments below and if you would like to submit a recipe for me to share on the blog please email

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6 Comments on “Recipe – Cheat’s ‘Paella’

  1. This looks really tasty and I love how quick and easy it sounds too! Quick meals are definitely a winner in my book! x #Blogtober19


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