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Anyone with arthritis will know and been told by endless doctor’s and physios, about the importance of a good pair of shoes. Anyone with arthritis, especially at my age, will struggle to find anything remotely fashionable that will support their feet as per said doctors wishes. Anyone with arthritis and a bit of a rebel like me, will have been told off numerous times by their physio for wearing inappropriate footwear such as ballet pumps. So you can imagine my delight when FootSoothers got in touch about their latest product and wanted me to test it out..

One of the problems I have which is caused by my arthritis is that I have an abnormal walking pattern. This causes pain in my feet as well as other joints such as my knees and hips, as well as problems with my feet such as blisters and calluses. FootSoothers asked me if I would be interested in trying one of their insoles which is designed to help support an abnormal walking pattern amongst other things.

I was really interested in seeing how these would work and if they would help. The option of being able to wear my choice of pretty shoes but knowing I was still getting the support my feet needed would be great.

When the insoles arrived I was slightly apprehensive. They were really quite hard feeling which was not what I expected. I wasn’t sure they were going to be too comfortable! I popped them into my ankle boots the first time I used them and as soon as I put my feet in them I realised I need not have worried. My feet felt so amazingly supported and comfortable. I have been able to use them in different pairs of shoes as they are super easy to swap around. They are really well sized so fit in a range of styles of shoe and the price is brilliant. If you struggle with abnormal walking patterns like me, flat feet, fallen arches, runner’s knee, shin splints or achilles tendinitis these could definitely help you and I recommend giving them a try. They are just £5.99 and available in 5 sizes covering a range between UK sizes 3 and 13.

Check out the Edison XXII Elite Podiatry® 3/4 ArchPlus+ Orthotic Insoles and purchase

I hope this will be of interest to some of you. Please let me know if you order them and give them a try – I would love to hear how you get on.


FootSoothers have very kindly offered to give away a pair of Edison XXII Elite Podiatry® 3/4 ArchPlus+ Orthotic Insoles plus another pair of insoles of your choice to one of my lovely blog followers. This giveaway will close on 18th November 2019 and they will contact the winner and arrange the delivery of your prize.


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I hope you have all enjoyed reading about my experience and good luck for the giveaway! I am excited to see who wins!

3 Comments on “Review – FootSoothers

  1. I’ve seen this on other blog & they do seem really interesting – a lot cheaper than I’d imagined, too! You’ve reviewed them really nicely. I’d love to give the comp a go, if I may?
    I’m fairly flat footed and I know it doesn’t help with posture & the hip and back pain I have, so anything that may make that a little more tolerable would be worth a try. I always just worry whether an insole will fit my shoes & boots, or I’ll spend an eon trying to cut them to size and mess it up! 😂
    Caz xx


    • If you tap on where it says click to enter the giveaway should come up!
      Thankyou for saying I did a good job, I love finding stuff that works well for me and might help my readers. These don’t need cutting at all as they come in small size windows and only cover the back half to two thirds of your shoe, under your arch and heel. I was also really impressed by the price as so often these things can be super expensive!


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