Showcase Cinemas Reopening

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Last week I was kindly invited along to my local Showcase Cinema to see what changes they have made to keep its visitors safe since reopening following lockdown.

As I was in the shielding group, who have now been ‘released’, I am still trying to be cautious about where I go, it is still a little scary to be honest! I popped on the website and you can see on here the changes that Showcase Cinemas have introduced to help make the cinema as safe as it can be for its staff and visitors.

What To See?

So, there are less films coming out at the moment and we chose to go and see The American Pickle, the new Seth Rogan film. Showcase have also introduced some screenings of all time classics and recently released favourites, which you can go and see for just £5 – great for taking the kids during the summer school holidays! There are less screenings on than there are normally, to limit the amount of people in the cinema at one time.

See what’s on at your nearest Showcase cinema

Booking Tickets

They are asking people to book their tickets online to reduce the amount of contact between staff members and the public. I was given a booking code and went straight to the desk where they handed me my tickets. You now also scan your own tickets to go in, so you can still observe social distancing, with the person checking them (who sees the information on their handheld computer) and then they let you know were to go to your screen.

All The Treats

I was so excited to order my first Tango Ice Blast in what seems like forever and I also had to get my usual sweet popcorn, as well as some chocolate to nibble on!

Showcase have introduced an online food and drink ordering service, so you can order before your visit and then just collect your treats when you arrive. All the counters have been set up with screens and they ask you use contactless payment where possible.

Other Safety Measures

They were plenty of hand sanitising stations dotted around and also antibacterial wipe stations outside the actual screening rooms which were a great idea. We took in some to wipe down the arm rests on our seats before we got comfy. There were people walking around cleaning regularly too which was great to see.

The cinema has set up a one way walking system with social distancing markers in place too, which worked really well. We visited on a Thursday afternoon and the cinema was really quiet, which made us feel extra safe.

They ask that you wear a face mask when visiting which you are obviously allowed to take off when in your seats if you are eating or drinking. They are only allocating certain seats in the cinema rooms too, so you are able to be placed away from other parties – we were the only ones in our screening though so did not have to worry about this at all!

During the previews at the beginning of the film there are reminders about wearing your mask, using hand sanitiser regularly and also reminders about being careful to observe social distancing when you leave the cinema at the end of the film. This wasn’t something we had to be worried about , as I said we were the only people in our screening, but if there were more people it can tend to turn into a bit of a scrum to get out otherwise.

Our Experience

Both me and Ste really enjoyed the film – it was an easy watch, light-hearted and funny. I also felt as safe as possible with all the measures that have been introduced and I will definitely go back again with everything they have in place.

Obviously, nowhere can be 100% sure of being virus free but Showcase really are doing their very best to make the cinema as safe as possible for its staff and visitors and as I said, I felt as safe as could be while there.

I hope if you are considering days out you may feel more comfortable reading about our experience of the measures put in place by Showcase and consider a visit. Thank you once again to Showcase who kindly gifted us tickets for our first visit back, we will see you again soon I am sure! Take care and keep safe,

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