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So wow – so many changes the last couple of weeks! How is everyone coping? The kids are back at school, people are going back into the office and university is about to start again. I have suddenly been hit with the prospect of getting back to studying, the kids being back in a routine (and HOMEWORK!) as well as the continuing blog stuff, IA work and generally running a house – and I need help!

In step Design Bundles who got in touch about their crafty bits and pieces and I was more than happy to have a look through their amazing website which is right up my street!  Design Bundles is a website with a ton of downloadable craft and design content. From colouring pages to fonts to website templates and everything in between. They have really affordable packages and also use a lot of independent designers who I love getting to support.

I thought I would share a little about my week and how I used Design Bundles to show you the amazing things you can do with them!


Start of a new week and time to get my plan of action sorted! I downloaded this amazing planner package from Design Bundles to use this week. They have loads of different options in all sorts of styles to suit everyone’s personality and needs. I chose ones which are quite simple but still look pretty, because they had a separate monthly, weekly and daily sheet which is what I needed.

I like to sit down on a Sunday evening or Monday morning and plan out what I have going on that week as my memory can be rubbish. I don’t want to forget important hospital appointments etc. and I also plan out any blog posts going live that week. I use a separate weekly page for my blog and online IA stuff and the the other has everything else going on.


Today was a rough day so I chilled a bit. My arthritis isn’t great at the moment, I am not sure if it is a change in the weather or whether my Stelara just hasn’t quite kicked in properly yet, but I am very achy! One thing I love to do to relax is colour.

Design Bundles have a great series of colouring pages ready to download for all different occasions. All three kids love to colour too, so we have a stash printed out and I grabbed this one off the pile and sat for a little while enjoying some peace and quiet.


If you didn’t already know, I have just started selling FM fragrances and have been using an old notebook to scribble down orders so far. I really needed a proper system so today I checked Design Bundles and found these order forms which are perfect. I can use one per customer and I can keep track of when orders are paid for, ordered and delivered with my pretty coloured pens!


So today I decided to get a little crafty again. Every month I take part in the Spoonie Card Swap. Each month if you opt in you will get sent the details of another Spoonie and the email will include a few details about them. Last month I decided to cross stitch a little design for the person I was matched with and this month I have decided to use some of the bits available on Design Bundles. I also had another card to send out so thought it would be perfect to do them together.

One of the first things I downloaded was a series of Inspirational quotes and I used one of the colouring sheets to make the background look pretty! I also checked out flowers svg and butterfly svg to find something pretty to make the card. This butterfly template can be used in so many different ways – I have always wanted to try paper cutting but not sure I would be any good at it, so decided to give this a wash of watercolour paint and add in one if the quotes I liked.


Today I had a little spare time in the morning so I decided to use some of these glitter backgrounds to create some social media posts for the next few days, as I will be busy with Riley and next week I have lots on including a wedding on Friday!

It is great to have them made in advance and I adore these backgrounds! I am sure you wil spot more of them on my social media in he coming weeks and months!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing just a FEW of the ways I have been able to make use of the Design Bundles website this past week. I have only just scraped the surface here and cannot wait to get using more and more! Halloween and Christmas are coming up and I have loads of ideas for crafty activities to do with the kids and will be sure to share them with you as we go along. Whether you are a parent looking for some crafty fun for you and the kids, a student looking to get more organised or a blogger looking for some help with designing beautiful imagery for your social media channels – Design Bundles has it all!

A huge thank you to the Design Bundles team for working with me on this post and giving me so much inspiration to keep going with all these amazing designs! Take care and keep safe,

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