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Hello and happy Wednesday! Today I have a really special post for you that I have created in collaboration with We Love Dates.

We Love Dates is one of the free dating sites available online and they are on a mission! They are tired of the filters and airbrushing that is so prolific on social media at the moment. They want to spread the message that we need to get back to being real, love ourselves unconditionally and be comfortable in our own skin.

If only it was as easy as thinking it right? When you have chronic illnesses, like I do, loving yourself can be really tough. There are times when I hate my body, times I look in the mirror and can only see the steroid moon-face and my surgery scars and times when I want to cry when I am getting bald patches due to hair loss.

It takes a lot but there are ways you can help manage these feelings and I thought I would share a few things you can think about when working on some self love:

  • Practice gratitude – what are you grateful to your body for? Although mine has a lot of issues, it is still going and I am grateful for that! It has also given me two beautiful baby boys. It is really important to remember these things on a regular basis, so the negative thoughts don’t take over.
  • Look to your loved ones – if you have children, would they be bothered about your chubby cheeks from steroid treatments? No, my boys are just happy that I am around and that I can manage to have adventures and fun with them thanks to these medications. My boyfriend loves me whether I am make up free or dressed up for a night out. My friends always say I look the most beautiful when I am happy as you can see an obvious difference in me and my photos.
  • List the things you love about yourself – the freckles on your nose, your great sense of style, your pretty eyes, your peachy bum! If you struggle to do this for yourself, think about compliments you have had from others. Write them down and stick them on your mirror so every day you can see them and remember your positive points
  • Remember, there will be bad days – but a bad life these do not make! On these days it is even more important to take good care of you and be kind to yourself. Have a relaxing soak in the bath, visit someone you love, make sure you are eating and drinking well, express yourself creatively or go fort a walk. Whatever self care means to you, these are the days it is most needed
  • Cultivate your social media – Have a break, only follow those who inspire and uplift you and don’t compare yourself to others! Social media is a huge part of our lives these days but you need to be careful that you are being true to yourself, enjoying ‘real life’ and not getting preoccupied with other’s ‘perfect’ lives

I was sent some goodies to pamper myself with by We Love Dates and I had a lush soak in the bath with some sweet treats, a candle, a face mask,a cup of ‘love’ tea and more! I think their campaign is great and encouraging people to love themselves is such an important message. We Love Dates want to help you meet the person of your dreams, but they understand the benefits of loving yourself first and why that is important when you start dating.

I try and put out as real an image of my life as possible on social media. I want to convey the truth about living with chronic illnesses and that includes both the bad and the good. I have shared photos of my scars, my swollen joints, bloating caused by my Crohns and the bald patches in my hair. This isn’t always easy and I am also guilty of using filters to make my selfies look less tired and so my skin looks a little more flawless! I don’t see this as a massive issue and I don’t think you should either – as long as you remember and love the real you too, flaws and all.

The beauty of being human is that we are all unique and it is those parts of us that are the most special! We should be shouting this out from the rooftops and celebrating the things that make us, us, not hiding behind filters. And this is where you come in! Alongside this post going live I will be posting my unfiltered selfie on Instagram and I would love you to do the same. Make sure you add the hashtag #welovereal and if you tag me, I will make sure I give it a share too.

When you are happy and love yourself, then others will follow. Be yourself – the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful and magical person you are, and most of all – love that person with all your heart.

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