We are finally out of 2-020 (can we get a yee-haw!) and I thought it might be interesting to share some of the most pupilar posts on The Spoonie Mummy this past year.

My blog has had over 50,000 visits in 2020, which is just amazing and has almost doubled on last year’s total. To know people are reading what I write and finding these posts helpful and interesting means so much to me. Some of these posts were written quite a while ago, but I feel the content in them is pretty evergreen and useful still today. I hope that you enjoy a read of these and I would love to know if you have a favourite – share it in the comments below!

1 – The Colour Poo read 9,845 times in 2020

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This must be searched for on Google a lot, as it was mostly google searches that led to people finding the post. In it I have written about what the colour of your ostomy output might mean, when to worry and when not to worry!

2 – Coping With A Stomach Bug When You Have An Ileostomy read 1,839 times in 2020

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Another popular post from Google searches, this is all about how to cope when you have a stomach bug with an ileostomy including tips on rehydrating when your output is consistently watery.

3 – Top Ten Tips To Help With Pancaking read 1,550 times in 2020

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Pancaking with an ostomy is not something you really know about until it happens to you. It can be the cause of sore skin and leaks and in this post I have given ten tips to try and help you avoid it!

4 – The A to Z Of Stoma Products read 1,466 times in 2020

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What do you use stoma paste for? How do you use ostomy powder? And what exactly is a flange? Struggling with the ostomy terminology? This is what you need to read!

5 – Baby Led Weaning Vs Puree Weaning read 1,338 times in 2020

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I was surprised that this was my top parenting post but obviously people are looking for real life experiences of how to wean their baby. I give a run down of both methods in this post and offer some tips for each.

6 – Thickening Stoma Output read 1,290 times in 2020

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Another post about ostomy output and this one is looking at ways you ca thicken your watery, ileostomy output in particular.

7 – Dehydration with An Ostomy read 1,252 times in 2020

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Dehydration when you have an ileostomy can come on really quickly and I don’t think people are given enough information about it following surgery. This post talks a little about why it is more common with ileostomies and things you can do to help.

8 – Stinky Stanley – Coping With Smelly Output read 1,214 times in 2020

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This is always one of the top concerns for people facing ostomy surgery. Yes, ostomy output smells but who’s poo doesn’t? You cannot smell it while it is in your bag either. This post has lots of information about what can affect the smell of your output and reviews of predicts I have tried that are supposed to help with it.

9 – Stoma Accessory Hacks read 1,117 times in 2020

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A post about a few of the ostomy products we use, that can be commandeered for other things!

10 – The Spoonie Mummy Reviews – WaveLife Energy Cell read 984 times in 2020

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I reviewed this back at the beginning of last year, or towards the end of the year before that. This tiny little gadget is supposed to help people with chronic pain get some relief.

I hope you have enjoyed this little trip down memory lane with me. It was really good to see what sort of posts people are obviously looking for as well as enjoying reading. As I said at the start, I would love to hear your favourite posts in the comments, please do let me know! Take care and keep safe,

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