The Spoonie Mummy Reviews – Treasure Trails

Ad | We received our trail in return for a review – all opinions are my own

We were really excited to be offered the chance to try out one of the Treasure Trails hunts and couldn’t wait to pick where we would go!

The website is really simple and easy to use. You can pick the area of the country you live in and there are a large number of trails to suit every member of the family. We picked Derbyshire as it is where we live, but these would be awesome if you wanted to explore somewhere further afield too!

Derbyshire alone has 25 Treasure Trails, available all over the county. There are also 3 different trail types to choose from –

  • DETECTIVE TRAIL – like Cluedo on foot – there will be a tongue-in-cheek backstory where a crime has been committed, and¬†you need to figure out whodunnit. To do this, just use your¬†top detective skills¬†to¬†solve clues¬†along the Trail route,¬†eliminating suspects and weapons¬†on the back page of the Trail booklet. At the end of your Trail, you should be left with one suspect and weapon
  • SPY MISSION – you’ll find a¬†tongue-in-cheek backstory, usually about an¬†evil genius with a devious plan¬†about to unfold. It’s your job as a super-spy to¬†solve the clues¬†in order to crack the code on the back page of the Trail booklet. You do this by¬†entering your clue answers¬†into a Mission Answer Grid,¬†eliminating the shaded characters in the grid from your Combination Box. At the end of the Trail, you should have a¬†4-digit code¬†left
  • TREASURE HUNT – you’ll be attempting to find the¬†long-lost hidden treasure¬†by¬†solving the Clues and eliminating locations¬†on a fictional map, found on the back of your Trail booklet. Each clue you answer will be a¬†word or number¬†referring to a¬†location on the map. At the end of your Trail, you should have just¬†one location left

The Trails can be printed at home or posted out to you and there is even an option to personalise them! Each trails webpage will show you roughly how long the trail will be (most are around 2 miles), approximately how much time they will take, whether they are wheelchair/pushchair accessible, whether you can take dogs with you and more – all the information so you can plan your Treasure Trail and pick one most suitable for you.

While most are walking trails, they do have a few bike and driving trails available on the website. You will also be given a starting point, which will be somewhere suitable to park your car should you need to drive there. Every detail has been so well thought out, making your experience super easy and this a fun and different activity to do. They even have you covered if you get stuck! You can text for a clue while on your Treasure Trail for help – all the details will be on your Treasure Trails pack.

And the best bit Рwhen you have completed your trail and got the answer, you can enter it on the website to earn your Trail Blazer badges, download your certificates and Mini Club Rewards and if you are correct Рbe entered into the monthly £100 prize draw!

We had a great time on our trail and all enjoyed the exercise, fresh air and beautiful scenery! Aside from one wrong turn (thanks Spoonie Grandma) we did well and the boys and their cousin enjoyed a park visit on the way too!

We will definitely be doing more of these in the future, they are such a great, easy way of exploring different areas around you, with a fun twist! If you are looking for something to do n this Easter break you can check out their website here!

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays so far and have lots of fun if you decide to do one of these Treasure Trails. Take care and keep safe,

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