Guest Post – Guide To Your Teen’s First Car

I was filling in my new calendar the other day when I realised my oldest, Leo, will be turning 15 this year!!! How did that happen?!? Anyway, when this guest post came a long I thought it would be a good read for all the fellow parents of teenagers out there!

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Guide To Your Teen’s First Car

The day has come for your teen to take on the open road with a new car. While he or she may be excited about purchasing a new set of wheels, as a parent, you may feel uneasy about this newfound sense of freedom. However, you can ensure your teen has a reliable and safe vehicle by following these helpful tips.

Among the many important factors to consider when buying your teen’s first car, the first one should be setting the budget. Consider getting your teenager involved in this process, as he or she can learn about financial responsibility. Additionally, it can help your teen understand that a practical vehicle is appropriate over one that has expensive features such as a moon roof or heated steering wheel. When figuring out the budget, be sure to include added expenses such as maintenance, gas and auto insurance.

Shop around for the right vehicle and the best price. Try searching several places before committing to a car, like auto auctions, private sellers and licensed dealerships. Additionally, be sure to prioritize safety and reliability. For example, select an automobile that has safety features such as blind spot monitoring, an anti-lock brake system and more. This can help give you and your teen peace of mind.

Lastly, test drive the vehicle to ensure it drives and maneuvers well. Ensure your teen feels comfortable behind the wheel, and test drive it yourself to check for any red flags. For more tips on buying your teenager’s first vehicle, see the accompanying resource.

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