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BlogMas Day Sixteen – The Santa Express (video)

So today my Mum and Dad arranged to take the boys and their cousin Maisy on the Santa Express train on the Peak District Railway.  Me and Ste decided to tag along too!  We all had a fab morning, with magicians, balloon modellers, a… Continue Reading “BlogMas Day Sixteen – The Santa Express (video)”

BlogMas Day Fifteen – The Things You Can’t Say To Your Chronically Ill Partner

I wrote this post before Ste went into hospital, over a month ago, and had it sitting here for all this time. I  feel like now is the time to share it. As anyone following my blog will know, Ste was admitted to hospital… Continue Reading “BlogMas Day Fifteen – The Things You Can’t Say To Your Chronically Ill Partner”

BlogMas Day Fourteen – The Winter Tag

I recently saw this over at LOVE-ALMA.COM and decided to give it a whirl after seeing her answers! Hope you will all join in! WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE HOLIDAY TRADITION? One of my favourites is still getting my Dad to go downstairs first on… Continue Reading “BlogMas Day Fourteen – The Winter Tag”

BlogMas Day Thirteen – Ground To A Ho-Ho-Halt

Well, what a time to get struck down by a stomach bug!  The last couple of days have been pretty horrendous but I am pleased to say, today I seem to be on the up.  Anyone with an ileostomy will know – diarrhoea and… Continue Reading “BlogMas Day Thirteen – Ground To A Ho-Ho-Halt”

BlogMas Day Nine – Spoonie Christmas Challenge

WHAT ILLNESSES DO YOU SUFFER WITH? I have rheumatoid arthritis, Crohns disease, an ileostomy, ostopenia, high blood pressure and iritis WHAT’S THE CRAZIEST ‘CURE’ SOMEONE HAS EVER OFFERED YOU? Well according to one GP I saw (yes a doctor), I shouldn’t need a bone… Continue Reading “BlogMas Day Nine – Spoonie Christmas Challenge”