Good morning and welcome back to Mental Health Monday with The Spoonie Mummy. If you follow me on social media you will know that last week I managed to break my ankle in two places and am now in a cast. I am also, understandably on quite a few pain medications, so don’t feel in a position to write anything spectacular or insightful this week. Instead I have decided to share some of my favourite Mental Health Instagram accounts with you that you might find useful.

I have chosen a range of different accounts which cover a range of things, so whether you want to follow them all, or ones more specific to you, I hope you can find something useful from this. If you know of any other great mental health accounts that you think I should be following please let me know in the comments below. I will aim to keep this post updated with as many fantastic advocates and accounts that I can, so everyone will hopefully find something that helps them.

Anna Mathur

Anna is a qualified psychotherapist and is a real inspiration to me. Her therapy work generally focuses on maternal mental health and as well as her learned knowledge, she injects her pwn experiences into her practice which I think is so helpful. Anna runs regular live Instagram sessions where she will talk about different mental health subjects and answer questions asked by her followers. She also offers therapy and two courses on Re-framing Anxiety and People Pleasing, which can be done online. Anna’s first book is due out this week and I cannot wait to get my copy which I pre-ordered as soon as it became available!

Find Anna Mathur on Instagram

Frankie Bridge

Many know Frankie for being part of girl group, The Saturdays, and before that she was in the S Club Juniors. Frankie is now happily married to ex-footballer Wayne Bridge and they have two beautiful boys. She has recently begun sharing more about her mental health journey which has included writing the book, Open, which I have just purchased, and starting her podcast, Open Mind. Frankie is open about how keeping her mental health struggles quiet for so long affected her and why seeking and asking for help is so important.

Find Frankie on Instagram

Matt Haig

Although I do follow Matt on Instagram, I actually follow him more closely on Twitter, where he is often more active. Matt has written an amazing collection of books. He can be quite outspoken and I don’t always agree with him but his passion for mental health shines through.

Find Matt on Instagram

Fiona Likes To Blog

Fiona is one of my favourite Instagrammers at the moment. She is honest about life’s ups and downs. Her book, Depression in a Digital Age is a great read for anyone around the same age as me – you will identify with so much of what Fiona experiences and writes about, with the rise during our lives of internet use and social media. Fiona is a freelancer and gives amazing advice about all aspects of this on her account which is great. Seeing someone going on to be so successful after a breakdown, while still experiencing the highs and lows of mental health, is really inspiring.

Find Fiona on Instagram

Jo Love

I first found Jo on Instagram not long after I started using it for my blog. I then really enjoyed the podcast she and two other fantastic women made – What I Wish I Had Known. Jo’s account is full of great advice and her amazing mental health doodles. She understands what living with mental illness is like and is warm and empathetic. Her second account, Therapy Is Magic, is a space to explore the magic of talking therapy and has lots of different advice and resources.

Find Jo on Instagram

Find Therapy is Magic on Instagram

Dr Chatterjee

This is he first of two accounts I came across thanks to Zoe Blaskey and the Motherkind podcast. Dr Chatterjee’s account is full of interesting stuff – both questions he poses as well as insights and tips for wellbeing. He also posts a lot of snippets from his podcast – Feel Better Live More – and has some fascinating guests.His latest book is also on my wish-list after seeing him interviewed about it on This Morning.

Find Dr Chatterjee on Instagram

Zoe Blaskey – Motherkind

I have talked about Zoe’s podcasts a lot and you all know I love it! Motherkind is like my weekly therapy session – so many of the episodes really resonate with me. Zoe posts a lot about maternal mental health and also introduced me to the phenomena of inherited trauma. Having gone through her own mental health issues, I find Zoe’s advice really helpful as she has lived through so much herself and understands the feelings and what is possible.

Find Zoe on Instagram


I wanted to include PANDAS as it is Maternal Mental Health Awareness month and they do a great job supporting parents both pre- and post-partum. They are a registered charity with a free to call helpline and post inspiring and uplifting content on their Instagram account.

Find PANDAS on Instagram

Dr Shefali

Dr Shefali is the second person on the list that I first became aware of through the Motherkind podcast. She is a clinical psychologist and describes herself as a conscious parent, which is also the title of her first book. She focuses on mental health for parents, both to help them and ensure they raise healthy and empowered children. I love her IGTV’s and find them really useful.

Find Dr Shefali on Instagram

Jo – Mad and Sad Club

I came across Jo through Fiona Likes To Blog and enjoyed participating in her mini 4 Days of Space course. Jo helps people as a work mentor and takes a keen interest in making sure your work supports your mental health. I think this is a really important niche to cover, as many people with mental health problems do not look into how their work may also be affecting this and Jo can really help with that.

Find Jo on Instagram

MIND Charity

To finish I wanted to add MIND – the mental health charity to the list. There motto is to be there so no one has to face a mental health problem alone. They have a range of ways of interacting and receiving help from them including phone lines and resources you can access on their website. On their Instagram they share people’s stories as well as tips and advice. They have posted some great content related to the Covid-19 pandemic and how to cope in lockdown.

Find MIND on Instagram

I hope you find this list useful and find some great accounts to follow that help and inspire you. I am really enjoying the mental health Monday’s, how about you? Remember to let me know of any other great Instagram accounts you know of so I and other readers can check them out. Take care and keep safe,

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