The Spoonie Mummy Reviews – Ecovacs Deebot Osmo 610

Following my post, Handy Hacks For People With Arthritis, I was contacted by the lovely people over at Ecovacs.  They make and sell robotic hoovers and wanted to ask if I would like to test one out – of course I said yes!


Another Handy Hack

Ecovacs had seen my post and felt that their hoover would be a really good idea for people who struggled with mobility issues like I do.  Hoovering can be a very physical and tiring job.  The Deebot is a robotic hoover which not only vacuums, it also mops!  Saving me from these housework tasks sounds like a dream come true and we eagerly awaited our robot’s arrival.

Setting The Deebot Up

I was slightly worried about this bit as I am not very technically minded, but luckily I have a Ste!  He said it was really simple though, and it was sorted in no time!  The Deebot’s ‘home’ docking station needs to be placed somewhere the bot can get itself back to, and needs to be plugged in as this is where he charges.  There are a number of options including doing the edges of your room as well as an all over vacuum.


Using The Deebot

You can control the bot using the buttons on the actual bot, the remote control or the app which you can download from the Apple or Android store.  We generally set it up when we go to bed to hoover the living room and although we still need to occasionally get the big hoover out, we probably only need to do that once  every week or two as opposed to every other day.  The bot doesn’t always manage to get over our rug and if it cannot go over it, will think it is a wall and then only do half of the room which is a bit annoying.  Even though our living room is set out with our sofa in the middle of the floor, it manages to get all the way around  which is impressive.  It also leaves the carpet really fluffy.  The hoover is really quiet too, even though we have the suction on high.  It is compact so fits neatly out of the way when not in use.


When Ste was recently in hospital, I told him I needed to hoover when I got home from visiting him.  I returned home to a beautifully clean carpet – he had set the bot going using the app on his phone when I left which was brilliant!

Mopping With The Deebot

Changing the Deebot to the mop setting is easy to do and does not take long.  The floor does not get overly wet so it does need doing by hand once a week still, but this is perfect for the in between cleans.  Because it does not get too wet, it is easy to set up and do in the day, as if you have to walk over it, you do not need to worry about slipping over.

Would I Recommend?

The Deebot is a big investment money wise, but without a doubt I think it is a fantastic aid.  It is perfect for people with arthritis and other chronic illnesses who have affected mobility or struggle with lots of household chores.  It would also be great for parents and people who work – the bot can be set to hoover while you are out so you can return to a lovely clean carpet every day.

Where To Buy The Deebot

Check out the website

I am really grateful to Ecovacs for getting in touch and sending me this amazing device – it has helped me so much to keep the house clean and tidy, saved me time and helped save my poor joints.  I am also delighted to announce that Ecovacs have agreed to host a competition with me for one of my lovely readers to win their own Deebot!  Keep your eyes peeled across my social media (@thespooniemummy)  in the next couple of weeks for the announcement!


I hope you have enjoyed this review and agree wioth me about it being a great aid for people with disabilities.  I really am amazed at the opportunities I have come across through blogging, and love getting to share things that I really think will benefit my readers.  Have a great weekend everyone,

NatalieThe Spoonie Mummy


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