Handy Hacks For People With Arthritis

Good morning all, happy hump day!  I have been planning this post for a little while as wanted to share a few of the products I have found which make life a little easier when you have arthritis.  I really hope you enjoy a read and the things I use help some of you too.

This post has been kindly sponsored by Millercare, who provide living and disability aids to help those with disabilities, chronic illness and mental health achieve the best quality of life they can.

Kitchen Chopper

I have mentioned my chopper before but I couldn’t be without this little gadget.  I struggle with arthritis in my hands – wrists, thumbs and fingers.  When trying to use a knife my hand often seizes, meaning it stiffens up and is very painful until it ‘clicks’ back out.  Trying to finely chop things like onions and garlic when cooking can be really difficult due to this.  With this however, I only have to slice my onion and then let this do the fine work.  I bought mine many years ago but have seen them recently on sale in Asda and I am sure places like Amazon will have them too.

Weeding Tool



I was sent this to try from the lovely people at Roundup and it has been a blessing to use while trying to sort my garden out.  Bending down is a real struggle but with this I am able to stay standing while de-weeding my garden following the months of winter neglect.  The Roundup Gel simply attaches to the extendable tool and dispenses with a click.   The handle is extendable to suit everyone and to help reach near and far.  The wand has a RPP of £22.99 including the Total Gel.

Pen Grips


I have purchased two different types of these from Amazon.  Both arrived really quickly and were inexpensive.  I often like to use chunky pens as find them easier to grip but also struggle with calluses on my ring finger because of the dodgy way I hold my pen.  These have helped turn my ordinary BIC pens into chunkier versions which are easier to hold and they are super soft meaning no more calluses and blisters!  Win win!  There are different shapes and materials available so it might be a bit of trial and error to find out what works for you and which you find comfiest, but they are well worth it!  I used to use these in school and they really helpful when writing in any capacity.


Stick on Heat Pads/Hot Water Bottle/Warming Bags

Ste often grabs the stick on heat pads from Poundland.  They are really handy, cheap and most of the time work well on tired and aching joints.  I find my hot water bottle and heated microwave pad really helpful too, and when at home are just as easy to use.

wheat bag

Millercare have the Lavender Scented Wheat Bag on their site, which is similar to mine (without the Unicorn cover mine has).  It is a great shape and can be used on all different areas of the body.  Click here to find out more

One Cup Kettle

A purchase that wasn’t intended to be handy but it really is.  I no longer have to pick up a heavy kettle when I make myself a drink, and I save on electricity!  These types of kettle are great for those that struggle with grip and lifting heavy objects like me.  Just a click of the button and it dispenses the perfect amount of water for my cuppa with no hassle.  Rather than picking it up to fill it, I use a jug with a smaller amount of water in and do two or three trips to fill it up.

Perching Stool

My perching stool is used in so many different ways!  Currently it is upstairs, as I use it in the bathroom and when getting ready in the morning to sit on.  I have also previously used it downstairs in the kitchen when cooking/preparing food and while doing the ironing.  If, like me, you will be using it in multiple areas of the house I suggest getting two, so you don’t have to keep moving one around.  I have the one with arms as it makes it easier for me to stand up from.

Check out Perching Stools at Millercare

Iron With Separate Steam Chamber

I bought my iron in the sale and it also wasn’t purchased with this handy intention but it has been extremely useful.  Rather than filling the iron with water which makes it heavier and more difficult to use with my wrists, hands and elbows being bad, I fill the base unit.  This means the iron still produces steam and does everything it needs to do but is easier and lighter to use.  These irons often aren’t cheap but as I said, I got mine in the sale so if you keep your eye out it is possible to grab a bargain!

Bath Boards

I have had these for years, since being a child at home in fact.  They are an invaluable help for getting in and out the bath.  I often shower now as it is easier, and use my bath board to sit on if needed.

Millercare have a wide range of different options from seats for in the bath as well as those which go over the bath.  Have a look here

Stair Basket

This is a trick I learnt a couple of years ago and can’t for the life of me remember where from!  I keep a small basket/bucket at the bottom of my stairs and if I have anything I need to go upstairs, I place it in there.  Once it is full, or I am heading upstairs anyway, I take it with me.  Saves multiple trips up and down the stairs every day!

Electric Tin Opener

Another handy kitchen gadget.  I really struggle with tin openers, they just don;t like to work for me (I swear it’s them, not me).  My electric tin opener was a cheap purchase which has saved me many tears over the years!

Long Handled Toe Nail Scissors

When I looked through the Millercare website I found a product I didn’t know existed but has made me extremely happy!  One job I struggle with immensely is cutting my toe nails.  I often go and get a pedicure just to have my nails sorted out and nail polish neatly applied.  Trying to cut them with clippers myself ends up with a messy hack job at best and a blood bath and sore toes for days at worst.  I am going to give these long handled scissors a go and give my poor feet the pampering they deserve!

long handle

Long Handled Nail Scissors

DenTek Teeth Flossers

I got sent these to try out and what a brilliant invention they are!  My dentist is always telling me I need to floss but I just can’t get my hands to work properly to hold the string, get it in my mouth and do the job intended.  These are super easy to hold and make the job a million times easier for me!  They also do kids ones which are bright and colourful and really good to encourage healthy habits early on.

So that is my round up of a few things I use to make my life with arthritis a little easier.  I hope you enjoyed reading and that some of you have found something that may help you.  Please let me know your handy hacks in the comments beliow, I am always on the look out for things to make life that little bit easier!  Ciao for now!

NatalieThe Spoonie Mummy


14 Comments on “Handy Hacks For People With Arthritis

  1. Hiya
    I have just invested in a easy grip bottle opener. They are like silicone and go on top of the bottle making it easier to grip and turn. I got mine from a disability shop. I also have a small drained that looks like a frying basket, you leave it in the pan and cook ingredients in it. Then lift it out. That way no carrying heavy boiling water.

    Love your hack advice.
    Thank you.
    Dash Fan


    • I forgot to add my easy grip bottle opener, it’s so good for opening jars and things!The drainer sounds fab too, much easier than trying to lift the pan! I often use a steamer but will look out for one for when I use a saucepan. Thankyou


      • I was over the moon with my bottle opener. I didn’t get a jar one. I prob should of.
        Now all I wish is that they would design something to help open the bloomin milk carton cover. If my mum isn’t in I have to pierce it with a knife. So dangerous.
        Any tips on that? X


  2. This is a fabulous post. My nan had RA and Early onset arthritis as well as other Osteo problems and she would have benefited from these. I especially like the 1 cup kettle. I have one of those dicers but I managed to break it the day that I got it so now I buy frozen diced onions, and frozen chopped ginger and frozen garlic cubes. I think they could be a useful alternative for those unable to get on with a chopper. 🙂


  3. Lowen @ livingpositivelywithdisability.com

    The stick on heating pads sound like a dream – I’m going to look them up right now! Thank you!


  4. This is such a great helpful post. My mom has arthritis and these tools would definitely make her life a little easier. She uses the exact ‘stair bucket’ trick you mentioned only when I’m not there because otherwise I help her out with the chores. I’ll check out these tools now, thanks for introducing me to them


  5. I have RA which affects my hands and I have discovered that a food processor is actually useful as I can change the attachments to allow me to either chop or grate vegetables in minutes as well as baking. I’ve also found that a slow cooked is useful as I don’t have to bend down when my RA is bad to use the oven.


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