How To Recover When You Have Pushed Yourself Too Far

It seemed a good idea to write this post now, as I am sure many of us with chronic illnesses have pushed ourselves a little bit further than we should over the festive period.

I have certainly had a busy couple of weeks with lots of driving, family get togethers as well as having the boys off school for the first week of their holidays before their Dad collected them.

I am most definitely feeling the effects of the last couple of weeks on my body. Fatigue is once again my friend and my joints have been achy and sore for the past few days. I have also been having issues with my remaining large bowel which has been uncomfortable and unpleasant.

So what to do about it? I thought I would share a few tips that may help you if, like me, you are feeling a little bit (or a lot) wiped out post Christmas/New Year.


My bedtime routine has been all over the place recently with lots of late nights and one really important way of helping yourself is to get back into a good routine. A regular bed time will help you get the most effective sleep possible and you can check out my post – 14 Tips to Help Aid A Better Night’s Sleep – if you would like some ideas on how to help you relax and wind down.


Do you have nay relaxing hobbies that you can take advantage of while you recover? I really enjoy reading and cross stitching and these are perfect for times like this. Ste also likes tor ead and he wil also play on his PlayStation.

You might enjoy other relaxing activities – having a long soak in the bath, another type of crafting or journalling for example. Mediation is also something I have started practising regularly and after worrying it really wasn’t for me, I am so glad I took the plunge to do it as I love it!

You may also want to get out and about. Obviously the aim is to rest but some gentle exercise like a short walk, combined with getting some fresh air can be really beneficial.

Activities like this are great because they keep your mind busy while you are resting your body.

Ask For Help

Need a few bits of shopping but really struggling to get out of the house? Ask someone to help! People won’t necessarily know you are struggling and if they do, they may not know the best way to help you – so tell them.

We all need help sometimes, chronically ill or not and if you have the right people around you, there will be someone you can ask to take the kids for a couple of houris or go and grab you some milk and bread from the shops.


If you have had a Christmas like mine you have probably also seen nutrition fly out the window and be replaced by a random and at times constant grazing of generally, pretty bad for you foods. Cooking isn’t always toe easiest thing when you don’t feel great but getting three, nutritious meals a day in you will really give you a boost.

I always advocate batch cooking so you have some healthy, home cooked meals in your freezer for times like these. All they need is heating up and you know exactly what you have put in them as you have made it.


Alongside eating pretty badly, hydration tends to nosedive around Christmas and New Year. If you drink alcohol, this will only have exacerbated the situation and you will need extra fluids to counteract this.

You should be drinking at least 2L of water a day (2.5 – 3L if you are an ostomate) and this should be made up of a variety of fluids.

If you are drinking alcohol I always make sure I drink an extra glass of re hydration fluid to compensate.

Listen To Your Body

Perhaps the most obvious, perhaps the most woo-woo to some. But you know your body best and what it needs. If it is telling you to nap, have a nap or get an early night. If you have a headache and feel sluggish make sure you are keeping hydrated and eating well.

Each of us will have different needs and one remedy won’t fit all, so do what you need to do! Hopefully these tips will give you an idea of where to start. And remember – it is not selfish to attend to your own needs. You will only make yourself worse and will not be able to look after or help anyone else if you aren’t taking care of yourself as well.

Do you have any further ideas to add? Pop them in the comments below and we will hopefully help people get recovered from the hectic Christmas season even better and quicker,

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