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Happy Wednesday everybody! Today I am really excited to be sharing a product that I was given the chance to review via Chronic Illness Bloggers.

The VitalField Energy Cell has been developed by VitalField and is a revolutionary method of reducing pain. Zero side effects have been reported from using the energy cell – it is non-addictive, non-chemical and non-invasive. I was sent one to try and wanted to share my thoughts with you all!

What is the Energy Cell used for?

The Energy Cell is a tiny device used to help relieve pain. Studies by the company have shown that when used it can often reduce pain by at least 50%, if not entirely. Based on user feedback they have found that the following conditions respond well and symptoms are alleviated:

  • Arthritis
  • Headaches
  • Osteoporosis
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Post Surgical Pin
  • Muscle Spasm/Tension
  • Upper Back Pain
  • Post Trauma Pain

There has also been some signs that migraine, MS, Shinges, Hormonal, Neuronal and Phantom pain may also respond but less significantly so.

Where Can You Use The Energy Cell?

You can use the cell in a couple of different ways. Firstly, you can use it for localized pain by placing the cell where it hurts. I have used it for this on my hip, shoulder, knees and elbows.

Secondly, you can use it for systemic pain. Placing the energy cell at the top of the spine can help pain in the upper body, arms, shoulders and head. Placing it in the centre of your torso, just below your breastbone helps alleviate pain in the thorax area between your neck and abdomen. Placing it on the bottom of your foot will help with pain in the lower body and legs.

My Experience With The VitalField Energy Cell

I have been using my Energy Cell for around a month now and have been able to use it in a variety of ways. For systemic pain I have generally used the cell on the back of my neck and the soles of my feet. I have also used it on various joints which have been playing up at one time or another. The light bulb moment for me with this came one night when I was lay in bed, really struggling with pain in my feet and ankles, caused by my arthritis. I popped the cell on the sole of my right foot, which was the worse of the two. I settled down to read my book as I was still over an hour away from being able to take any more pain meds. When I sat up to take them a little while later, I realised the pain in my right foot and ankle had almost completely gone. My left foot had also eased off although not as significantly. I was so impressed with how well it worked on this occasion and since then I have been trying it all over my body and it has been brilliant.

I did not find it helpful with relieving any pain from my Crohn’s Disease, but it has worked amazingly well for the pain I get from my rheumatoid arthritis. Since breaking my ankle in two places I have also used the cell on my ‘good leg’ hip which was replaced 10 years ago. Obviously being on crutches and relying on this leg has been tough, as since the surgery my muscles have been really weak. It helped instantly and kept my hip comfortable while I have tried to get around. As I sit here typing I have it on my right shoulder. I obviously have been also heavily relying on my arms to get myself around the house on my crutches so the muscles are feeling the burn, but I also managed to sleep on it awkwardly last night. Although the pain is not entirely gone, it has eased significantly in the last couple of hours.

I have arthritis in my neck and have used it quite a lot at the base of my neck/top of my spine, one of the areas suggested for systemic pain. I have been told any times I carry all my stress across my shoulders and in my jaw and regularly get stress headaches. This has really helped with this. I tried to describe it to Ste and said that it feels like my upper back, shoulders and neck have ’emptied’ out – I think this is where everything has been able to relax a lot more and it is a great feeling.

The only issue I have had with the VitalField Energy Cell was the adhesive patches that came with it. Unfortunately I discovered I was allergic to them but have some other dressings I have been able to use with no issues. Nothing major but something to watch out for if you have sensitive skin.

Would I Recommend?

100% YES! If you have rheumatoid arthritis like me I think you will really benefit from using this, as will those with similar issues – back, joint, muscle pain etc. I know my mum bought me magnetic bracelets and things when I was younger, but I hadn’t really looked into it since getting older.

I have found some real relief from my arthritis pain using this and knowing I can use it for at least six months is fantastic. It is something I would definitely repurchase if it continues to work as well as it has so far.

At $123 (approx £99) it isn’t cheap but as the device lasts for six months and has worked so well for me, I feel the price is worth it. The device comes with 10 patches, which obviously I wouldn’t use, but you can purchase more from them or use different ones to stick the device into place.

Purchase the VitalField NO PAIN Energy Cell

A huge thank you to the Chronic Illness Bloggers team and to VitalLife for sending me this product to try – it has really been the most amazing little gadget to test and I think it is fantastic. If you have any more questions about the Energy Cell please pop them in the comments below and I will try and answer them, otherwise you can check out the VitalLife website. Take care and keep safe,


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  4. I want to find out if some one has pace maker for heart conditions can use this?
    And also if person have cancer can use it.?


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