Guest Blog -5 Tips To Travel Safely During The Corona Virus Outbreak

Happy Friday everyone – we made it! Today I have a guest post for you from Rebecca Siggers. She contacted me about this article and I thought that it would be great to hear some tips about travelling safely during the Covid19 pandemic.

Author’s Bio – Rebecca Siggers

Rebecca Siggers is a passionate writer & guest blogger. Writing helps her to improve her knowledge, skills & understanding about the specific industry. She loves writing & sharing her knowledge mostly in the travelling industry. She believes travelling is the key to a peaceful life & wants to spread her belief across the world. Apart from writing, she loves travelling and reading.

5 Tips To Travel Safely During The Corona Virus Outbreak

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has made it extremely difficult for people to step out of their homes. Travelling in times of this pandemic crisis is one of the most challenging take-ups for each of us. Everyone is concerned about safety issues and contamination while going out. However, the problem despite being a major one comes with a solution too.

Several health organisations, along with WHO have listed a set of guidelines following which you can ensure an infection-free journey. At the same time, some of the severely hit places are still beyond reach. You can always visit some of the places where the outbreak is comparatively low.

Now given below are five of this urgent advice to follow while travelling during the coronavirus outbreak. Effortlessly follow these easy instructions and secure overall security of yourself and your loved ones:

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Keep A Mask And Gloves Handy

Living in times of pandemic crisis mandates the usage of masks and gloves while going out. It is well known that the virus transmitted through fomites, i.e. coming in contact with infected surfaces. Therefore, using gloves and masks prevents your body from coming in direct contact, thereby reducing the chances to minimal percentage. Always wear these protective gears while stepping out for a journey. Health agencies have prescribed masks or gloves whose thickness equates three layers of usual clothing. You can easily buy cotton masks or gloves for daily usage or simply pay for a box of disposable masks or latex gloves.

Plan Your Route

Travelling has never been easy without proper planning. And, now with a virus looming over our head, the perfect expedition requires appropriate preparation. Now, before going out, check out the few necessities mentioned by CDC. The guideline mentioned a self-induced quarantine after visiting places to avoid the risk. Check for the area and its rate of transmission of the virus. Your supply of sanitisers and disinfectants would depend upon that. Make sure you have plenty of space in your packing bags to adjust these stuff. Take extra care while packing medications and put the pouch at an easy to reach place in your bag. Pack extra clothes just to be on the safe side and maintain hygiene standards at their best.

Wash Your Hands Often And Carry Sanitizers

Travelling often includes going to different places, having more than the general population. Hence the chances of getting in contact with the virus become more probable. The most common agent for transmissions is our hands whenever we touch anything. Try avoiding direct touch as much as you can, especially at public places and wash your hands immediately in case the situation demands otherwise. Use disinfectant soaps or sanitisers to keep your hands clean. In case you don’t have these two handy, rinse your hand thoroughly using common soaps and water for about 20 seconds.

Avoid Public Transport Where Possible

Travelling using your vehicle may appear a bit financially stretching. Still, owing to the current situation, avoiding public means is for the best. You can use your vehicle for a solo or family detour. Use your vehicles for short takeaways, for going marketplaces and usual activities. You can also pack your travelling essentials on a roof rack cage and set out for a long drive or a family detour for a change of ambience. Even though you’re travelling in your vehicle, keep disinfecting your vehicle and surfaces in contact.

Use Bottled Water And Canned Food

Water and food are probably the second most common carriers of the virus if touched by an infected person. At public places, it’s nearly impossible to find hygienic and healthy eateries or drinking water. Therefore, the usage of bottled water and canned food which remains untouched from others is the best option. Just use sanitisers first on your hands and clean the surface of the food or beverage bought using a liquid disinfectant and enjoy the virus-free meal. If possible, pack your own food packages or carry your water whenever you opt for shorter journeys.


The world has come together to fight the ongoing crisis. Travelling is only safe when you carry out all the safety measures. Avoid travelling to the hotspots of the infection for a while. In any case, travelling becomes urgent, bear all the protocols in mind. Your one precautionary step could thwart hundreds of infections.


I hope that you enjoyed a read and find these tips helpful if you are going out and about. Have a great weekend everyone, stay safe,

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