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Good morning and happy new week! Today’s Mental Health Monday post is a review of a book I recently read that I think would be perfect for people needing a little boost!

You Are Positively Awesome

Good Vibes and Self-Care Prompts for All of Life’s Ups and Downs

by Stacie Swift

The Blurb

A pocket pick-me-up from an  Instagram sensation 

Everyone weathers difficult days; sometimes,  people just wake up needing a bit of a boost  and a reminder that nobody really has it  together all the time. This book is for all those  days – a rainbow of good vibes, full of self-care prompts and words to live by. Even though deep down people know it’s okay not to be okay, everyone needs a bit of a reminder from time to time. 

Whether it’s an affirmation to raise a smile,  practical tips on upping self-care, or space to create a pie chart of ‘Things That Help on Tough Days’, this book combines colourful illustrations with useful words of support for  everyone, even at their unsparkiest.

Stacie Swift is an illustrator and a mum  of three children under 4. She juggles the demands of freelance work and family while aiming to be the positive voice to keep people  going when things feel overwhelming. She lives in Cambridgeshire, UK. Find out more at

What I Thought

Such a fab little colourful book of joy – I read this at the start of the month and knew I wanted to share on a mental health Monday post!

I follow Stacie on Instagram and love her illustrations so was sure I would love this – and I did! The book has some great little tips, reminders and quotes to make you smile on those days when you really need a boost. Although we talk about mental health, now more than ever, and we know that it is ok not to be okay, sometimes we just need a little burst of inspiration and this book is perfect for that.

There are a few little activities to do throughout the book, which are then perfect to look back on when you may be feeling down. The book reminds you that you cannot pour from an emp0ty cup and reminds you of the importance of self care.

The book would be a great gift for yourself or a friend/family member who you know that might need a pick me up and is suitable for teens too.


Your age, your job, your weight, like and shares, what other people think, your past, your clothes, your size, your struggles

Satcie Swift

Where To Buy

Get You Are Positively Awesome on Amazon

A short post from me today but I really wanted to share this book with you. Not only would it make the perfect gift for a friend, it would also be a great form of self care to buy it for yourself, so you can spend 5 minutes a day taking in some positive and uplifting words.

Don’t underestimate, undervalue or underplay YOUR SPARKLE!

Stacie Swift

As I said, I follow Stacie on Instagram and you can find her at – a fab and bright account that will always make you smile when you see a post!

Take care and keep safe,

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