Super Smoothies?

I’ve been trying to up my fruit and vegetable intake recently. Anyone with Crohns/an ileostomy will know this can be tricky as many are off limits for different reasons – too much fibre, skins have to be removed, blockage causers – the list goes on.

One way I have started to get more of the good stuff in me lately is by drinking smoothies and fruit/veg juices. I wondered if any of you were able to share any great recipes with me (or where you get your pre-made ones from). I’ve been getting Asda’s own ones but I’m getting a little bored of the flavours now. Some of them are so expensive though, so I thought I would give some recipes a try.

I was sent this one by the lovely people at Palm PR and it caught my eye as it looked super yummy and is purple – the Crohns & Colitis Awareness ribbon colour! I thought I would share this to get you started and see what wonderful ideas you have to help increase my 5-a-day target. Please let me know your smoothie recipes in the comments below, as well as what you think of this one!

Purple Immunity Smoothie

Immunity Smoothie.jpg

1 Sambazon Original Superfruit Packs

1 c Orange Juice

½ Banana, frozen

¼ c Pineapple Chunks, frozen

½ tsp Ginger, ground

Top with Fresh Berries

Put everything in the blender (make sure to break up your Superfruit Packs), blend until really thick – adding more liquid if necessary – then pour into a bowl, top with your favorite fresh berries and enjoy!

I’m excited to try this – the fruit combo sounds delicious and I know ginger is widely recommended for lots of things. I’ve also recently spotted lots of different frozen fruit packs in Aldi so know I will be able to pick up those from there. I will let you know how I get on in the coming weeks with this. Thanks in advance for any hints, tips and recipes you share

NatalieThe Spoonie Mummy

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