Keeping Sane In Self-Isolation

So how is everyone doing? We are now on day 4 of isolation and so far we are managing to keep busy and (pretty) sane.

There have been many parallels drawn on social media between self-isolation and life with chronic illness. I get it – we spend much of our time indoors, we cannot always work and can feel socially isolated. Today I thought I would share some of my tips and tricks that I use on a regular basis to keep my mental health especially, in check.

Keep a good sleep schedule

I am not saying the odd lie in is not appreciated or beneficial, but in general keeping a good sleep schedule is so important. I always have my alarm set and although I have the odd day I will cancel it and sleep in, I generally try and keep to it.

Get dressed

Again, I have and do enjoy the odd pyjama day but doing that for a few days in a row rally makes me feel blah. So I get up and get dressed and still feel like a ‘normal’ human as much as possible.

Skincare and Make-Up

Doing my make-up always makes me feel better so is something I do regularly even when I am not going out. Self-isolation is also a great time to up your skincare game and give your face some make-up free time so don’t skip this even if you are not wearing make up. A face mask is also a great way to give yourself a little pamper.

Stay Busy

Many people are working from home which will obviously keep them busy, but here are some ideas for what else you can do.

  • READ – Catch up on those books that you have been meaning to read for ages and haven’t had chance
  • CLEAN – I love cleaning and find it really helps my mental health as well as being physical.
  • MEDITATE – I regularly use my Headspace app and have absolutely loved how it has introduced me to something I never thought I would enjoy as much as I do.
  • EXERCISE – There are so many fab at home workouts available via all manner of apps and even YouTube. Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, has some great ones for both adults ad kids on his YouTube channel. One of my favourites to do is Pilates as I find it super helpful for both my core and joints.
  • FRESH AIR – Self-isolation does not mean you have to stay inside all of the time. Go for a walk and just observe social distancing, keeping at least 1 or 2 metres away from others. Having the dogs and being close to some lovely areas to walk is super helpful for us, but the National Trust are also opening up their country parks to everyone so people have a place to go and get some exercise and fresh air away from the house.
  • GET CRAFTY – You all know I love to cross stitch but there are so many other things you could try – knitting, crochet, painting, sketching, colouring and many more.
  • DIY – Get those little jobs done that you have been saying you will do for ages! Weather dependent I want to finish painting the garden fence and we also have the wallpaper and stuff to decorate the kids room so that will keep us busy
  • HOME ECONOMICS – Remember these lessons from way back when that children don’t get now? Obviously the children are being provided with loads of amazing home school resources but take the time to teach them some life skills – washing up, laundry, cooking, ironing and cleaning are a few ideas

Stay in touch

Self isolation is really hard for some, especially those who live on their own. Use social media and video calling apps to stay in touch with people. We are all going through this together and although we can’t physically be together, we can still all be there for one another

Ramp up the romance

If you are self-isolated with your partner, take the chance to get some quality time with them. Talk, watch a movie or series together, play board games, cook together or enjoy a walk outside. Being at home with your partner all the time is not easy. Ste spends a lot of time here but we always need time apart to so we don’t drive each other crazy! Go to a different room and relax solo for a while, enjoy a relaxing bath alone or go out for a walk and a bit of time on your own. This is just as important as quality time together and means you will appreciate that time so much more.


There are so many forms out there – read a blog (shameless plug), listen to podcasts, gaming, Netflix and chill, turn on the radio and most importantly – turn OFF the news! Obviously we all want to see the updates but I don’t know about you – the constant coverage and updates are sending me slightly crazy!

I hope these tips are of use to some of you. If you have any more ideas, please pop them in the comments below so everyone can read them as well!

Stay safe everyone,

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