Mental Health Monday – Self Care Ideas That Take 10 Minutes Or Less

Well today is ‘Blue Monday’ – apparently the most depressing day of the year. We all know the idea of Blue Monday is not one I lie as it has, in recent years, been picked up as a bit of a media gimmick – see my post – Blue Monday.

However, it is true that less hours of daylight, the post holiday blues and the financial hardships following Christmas can all add up to people feeling more down in January. It is even more important therefore, that we take some time for ourselves in January for a bit of self care.

Obviously, this can be easier said than done and time wise, self care isn’t always a priority. So I have come up with a list of ideas for some self care that will take you 10 minutes or less, that you can fit into your life more easily.

1 – Read a chapter of a book

I read a lot but have many people tell me they can never find the time. I like to read before I go to sleep as it helps me relax, and this can really help if you struggle to go to sleep at night. Giving yourself the time to just read one chapter of a book every day, at least to start with, can get you back into the habit and you might well want to extend the time as you get in the habit of reading more regularly.

2 – Skin care

Taking a few minutes at night time to take off my make up and give my skin some TLC has been really helping me. Not only is my skin doing much better for it, it really helps me relax as I approach bed time and helps me sleep a lot better. It doesn’t have to mean loads of expensive products – a simple cleanse, tone and moisturise routine will do both you and your skin the world of good. I have also recently been struggling with dry skin on my arms and legs and have added a body moisturiser to my routine.

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3 – Meditate

This is one of those ideas that many turn their nose up at – and I used to think it would never work for me too! Since discovering guided meditations though, I am a convert! I have used both Headspace and Calm apps and would recommend either. You can also try out 10 minute (or less) guided meditations on YouTube for free.

4 – Move your body

This doesn’t have to mean a strict exercise routine – although it can do if you like that sort of thing! I love nothing more than putting on my music and having a dance while I do my housework! I also like to take time to do my physio exercises from the hospital which really help and are good for my rheumatoid arthritis.

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5 – Take a short walk

This can be two fold as is also moving your body, but getting outside in the fresh air and being in nature also add to the benefits of this one.

6 – Put on your favourite song

Music is good for the soul – play your favourite songs (no judgement) and sing along at the top of your voice, dance around or just lay, listen and relax!

7 – Make yourself a hot drink

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I know you mums and dads will understand me when I say you drink more cold drinks than hot when you have kids! But taking a moment to yourself, making a hot drink and sitting to drink it, can add a moment of peace to your day.

8 – Sit outside or open some windows

I have already mentioned fresh air being good, but if you can’t get out for a walk or the weather isn’t great – you can still get a fresh air fix by opening some windows or sitting in the garden.

9 – Change into your pyjamas

There is nothing better than getting comfy and cosy in your PJ’s when you have nothing more to do for the day!

10 – Spend 10 minutes with your pet

It is a well known fact that petting a dog can help ease anxiety, so get your stroke on! Giving your pet some attention will not only help them, but you will benefit from it too.

11 – Brush your hair

Like a mini head massage – even better if you can get someone else to do it for you!

12 – Sort out your medication for the week

I couldn’t be without my dosette boxes – they make my day to day life so much easier when I know that my correct medications are right there and ready to take. Taking ten minutes to fill them up each week might not seem like self care, but the effect it has on my week means it really is!

13 – Do 10 minutes of a hobby – colouring, cross stitch, knitting etc

We often don’t give our hobbies much thought, never mind our time. But doing things we enjoy can be really good for us. Whether it is something you haven’t done in a while, or something new you want to try, get a little creative!

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14 – Do a crossword, word search or sudoku

Keeping my brain busy really helps me feel brighter each day. Take 10 minutes to do a puzzle to get your brain working.

15 – Create a self care box

This might take a little longer than 10 minutes to set up but once you have it ready, you can grab it whenever you need it. Pop a word search book in or something else from the list above, put in some of your favourite photos to flick through that make you smile, pop in an eye mask and some fuzzy socks to wear while you lay down and relax for 10 minutes – the options are endless!

I hope you like some of these ideas and you find some of them helpful. I would love to hear your ideas and be able to add some more to this list, so please pop them in the comments below!

Take care and keep safe everyone,

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